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All Nursery Rhyme Doll Locations – Alan Wake 2

Just in time for October, the spooky, highly anticipated sequel to the 2010 game Alan Wake has been released. Alan Wake 2 has a few collectables of the weird kind to keep your eyes out for. One of these are Nursery Rhyme dolls.

In Alan Wake II, you play as two main characters, FBI Agent Saga who is investigating a cult in the quiet town of Brightfalls and the titular Alan Wake who is trapped in a strange shadow world.

You’ll find the Nursery Rhyme dolls with Saga and they will be keys to Nursery Rhyme puzzles that reward you with charms. You’ll be able to find these dolls at any point prior to Saga’s chapter 6 Scratch as that is her story’s point of no return.

There are 13 Nursery Rhyme Dolls in Total.


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Nursery Rhyme Doll 1 – Crow Doll

Location: Cauldron lake

Where to find the Crow Nursery Rhyme Doll in Alan Wake 2

First scene in chapter 2, The heart you’ll find the crow sitting on the edge of a picknick table.

Nursery Rhyme Doll 2 & 3- Hero and Wolf Dolls

Location: Cauldron Lake

Again in chapter 2, you can find these two dolls in the Witchfinder’s station. Head up the stairs inside and to the right. You’ll find the hero on the floor and the wolf on a box next to it.

Nursery Rhyme Doll 4 & 5 – Moose and Deer Doll

Location: Watery

Into chapter 3, Local Girl and you’ll find the Deer Doll north of downtown. The moose doll will be on a wooden pallet on the ground and the deer will be on what looks like some radio equipment to the left.

Nursery Rhyme Doll 6 & 7 – Wise Elder Doll and Bear Doll

Location: Watery

Continuing into chapter 3 the Bear and Wise Elder Doll are both located in the south-west side corner of the Watery map. You find both stood by a dead fish in a fish cleaning station.

Nursery Rhyme Doll 8 & 9 – Mother Doll and Child Doll

Location: Watery

Mother doll and child doll are very close to the Wise Elder Doll and Bear Doll. Go behind and to the left of the fish cleaning station you found them in. You’ll find Mother Doll and Child Doll on a bench together.

Nursery Rhyme Doll 10 – Trickster Doll

Location: Watery

Still in chapter three you’ll find this doll in the south of the map near the Watery Lighthouse. The doll itself will be just outside the light house at the top of the first few steps.

Nursery Rhyme Doll 11 & 12 – Maiden Doll and Monster Doll

Location: Watery

Maiden and Monster Nursery Rhyme doll locations in Alan Wake 2

The last dolls for this chapter can be found at the ranger cabin. The door is locked but you’ll be able to use the screw diver to get in. Head up the stairs and take a left. The Maiden and Monster dolls will be on a chest of draws in the bedroom.

Nursery Rhyme Doll 13 – Father Doll

Location: Cauldron Lake

The final nursery rhyme doll in Alan Wake 2. The Father Doll

The last Doll is location in Cauldron Lake Rental Cabins. It only appears after you have completed the 16 Nursery rhymes, requires the box cutter to access and is first available during Saga’s 5th chapter, Old Gods.

Enter the large property on the east and run through to the back. Take a left and duck under the fence. The second door to you left will be open, head inside the next building. Leave the building through the front and head next door and find another nursery Rhyme to solve.

The solutions of these puzzles are on another article but because you need this one to get the last doll, I’ll tell you; you need to place the crow on the eye, The monster on the egg and the hero on the jewels.

Once you’ve done that, head back outside and across the street. You’ll be attacked as you open the door to the building but it’s only one enemy. You can pick up the charm by the TV and open the brief case on the floor. Inside the brief case will be a note from the Federal Bureau of Control and the Father Doll.

You’ll now have all 13 dolls and gain the achievement ‘I’ll Find You’.

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