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Finding the Pump-Action Shotgun in Alan Wake 2 is a lot harder than you might expect. This is the last weapon you can unlock for Saga, and it also happens to be one of the trickiest to unlock. Like the Sawn-Off Shotgun, the Pump-Action Shotgun requires you to crack a combination lock before you can obtain it. However, your efforts will definitely be rewarded, as the Pump-Action Shotgun is arguably the strongest weapon in the game.


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Stop Right There

Like with the other weapons in the game, finding the Pump-Action Shotgun grants you an achievement. After picking up the Pump-Action Shotgun, you will be rewarded with the ‘Stop Right There’ secret achievement, and earn ten points as a reward. You’ll need to unlock this achievement to 100% complete Alan Wake 2.

Beyond this, the Pump-Action Shotgun is worth picking up for one reason- it’s unbelievably powerful! It does insane raw damage, has a brilliant fire rate, and holds six shells at once. So if you’re looking for an all-around brilliant weapon, finding the Pump-Action Shotgun should definitely be at the top of your priority list.

Find the Pump Action Shotgun Alan Wake 2

How to Find the Pump-Action Shotgun

As with other weapons, like the Sawn-Off shotgun and crossbow, the process of finding the Pump-Action Shotgun involves two stages. In the first stage, you’ll need to actually locate the weapon. Then once you’ve found it, you’ll need to crack the combination code.

Find the Pump-Action Shotgun

To find the Pump-Action Shotgun, follow these steps:

  • First of all, make sure you’re playing as Saga and have made it to the ‘Return 6- Scratch’ Chapter. 
  • During this chapter, you’ll head to the Sherrif’s station. There will be plenty of hostiles here, so take them out before you start exploring.
  • When you’ve killed every enemy in sight, explore all of the unlocked rooms. In one of them, you should find a set of Sherriff’s Station Keys.
  • These Keys will allow you to access Tim Breaker’s Office. You can find this by heading upstairs- it’s the last office on the left. 
  • Unlock the door and head into the office. You should find the Pump-Action Shotgun in a case on the wall. 

Crack the Code

Then to crack the code, follow these steps:

  • Head over to the desk and interact with it. You should be able to see a few different books and a piece of paper with a cipher on it. 
  • Apply the cipher to the books on the desk, and you will be able to crack the code. 
  • For clarity, the combination code is 7-2-3. 
  • Plug this combination into the lock and the case will open, allowing you to grab the shotgun.

Once you’ve picked up the Pump-Action Shotgun, all that’s left is to grab any ammo that may be lying around. Then, head out of the Sherrif’s Station. You may also want to bind it to a quick slot for easy access.

Pump-Action Shotgun Upgrades

When you do eventually find the Pump-Action Shotgun, you should consider upgrading it. Upgrades are expensive, but they are absolutely worth it, and will completely transform your weapon.

The current upgrades for the Pump-Action Shotgun are:

  • Under Control. Allows you to move faster while aiming.
  • Faster and Faster. Gives you an automatic firing option by pressing down the fire button.
  • Stay On Course. When standing still, recoil and pellet spread is decreased. Damage will simultaneously increase.

The standout upgrade for the Pump-Action Shotgun is ‘Faster and Faster’. This really allows you to lean into the Pump-Action Shotgun’s main strengths of raw damage and consistent output, and literally every enemy you face will go down in a matter of seconds. However, your ammo usage will go up exponentially. And in a game with such scarce ammo, this does make for a risky playstyle. 

Because of this, you might want to hold off on using the Pump-Action Shotgun until the final chapter of the game. The level and number of enemies really pick up in the last chapter, and if you waste all of your shells beforehand, completing the final missions is going to be a real headache. A good replacement to use in the meantime is the regular Double-Barrelled Shotgun. 

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