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The Food for Thought side quest in Final Fantasy XVI alongside Make Do and Mend are both available at the same location. However, this particular quest sees Kenneth asking Clive to help him in his work by delivering food to some of the hideaway’s residents. Three hungry customers await.

It is a basic side quest that can be completed over at The Hideaway and The Fat Chocobo. It does not require much effort as it is one of the more earlier quests within Final Fantasy XVI

The Food for Thought side quest will automatically become available during the Hide, Hideaway mission story chapter. When we first visit the village ruin.

Kenneth Quest Giver At The Fat Chocobo


During the Hide, Hideaway story chapter of Final Fantasy XVI there will be a scene where we will need to speak with Goetz. This scene will occur after having spoken to Cid, where we will try to recruit Clive as an ally.

Goetz will then inform us about the blacksmith, Blackthorne. Who, at first, is unwilling to cooperate. In order to force him to do so. We will be given a Continental Rum. Which will work.

We will then be given a tutorial on how crafting weapons will work and The Black Hammer will get added to the map. After that a scene will trigger involving an injured citizen.

Our next task is to head to the infirmary and speak with Tarja. This will then unlock the ability to begin side quests. One of our first one side quest within Final Fantasy XVI will be Food For Thought.


To begin the Food For Thought side quest simply head west of The Hideaway map, to The Fat Chocobo. Here we can find and speak with Kenneth. The man behind the counter.

Kenneth will inform Clive that The Fat Chocobo is a rather small establishment and that they are currently understaffed and in need of help.

Our job is to deliver three hot meals to their waiting customers. All of whom will, of course, be in the nearby vicinity. Two are by the entrance and the other is just up the small flight of stairs. Next to the entrance. He seems to be a bit more preoccupied than the other two as he is currently reading a book on farming.

Deliver all three means and return back to Kenneth to complete the Food For Thought side quest. Here we will also get a tutorial on loot boxes. These are basically the typical treasure boxes that most Final Fantasy titles and JRPGs are accustomed to.

Remember to open this box to finish claiming all of your rewards. You can open it by simply using the ‘X’ button on the controller. There will usually be a button prompt appearing on it, when you get close.

The Food For Thought and Make Do and Mend side quests are the first two side quests within Final Fantasy XVI



500 Gil Coin

Wyrrite x10

Badge of Mettle

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