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Cidolfus Telamon is the Final Fantasy XVI‘s ‘Cid’. Which is common name throughout the Final Fantasy series. Those that know him call him as such.

Once a soldier now turned outlaw who fights for a world that accepts both Bearers and Dominants to die on their own terms. He also has a keen interest in both research and science.

OCCUPATIONRoyal Waloeder Army
Dominant of Ramuh

He, just like many of the main protagonists is a Dominant, with the ability to use the lightning elemental Eikon, Ramuh. It was thanks to this power that he was able to raise through the ranks of the Royal Waloeder Army.

Cidolfus Telamon is voiced by English voice actor, Ralph Ineson. Who is also known to be the voice of Lorath in Diablo IV. Outside of voice acting, Ralph also appeared in various television shows and movies, including the 2019 Chernobyl mini series and Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Cid is also voiced by Japanese voice actor, Hiroshi Shirokuma. Who voiced Caius Ballad in both Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns.

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A select few of the Cidolfus quotes from Final Fantasy XVI

Cidolfus first encounterThis way. Bloody wind! Well, come on then!
On the first visit to The GreatwoodDid I mention there’d be deadly beasts? There’ll be deadly beasts
In response to Clive about the Hideaway being Fallen ruins. (First visit)Well, we didn’t think they’d mind. And it keeps the black from our lungs.
When Fafnir performs the Spin Cycle attackAye aye, someone’s got the hump!
Reuniting with Cid at the abandoned village in LostwingYou miss me? I’m flattered, but lets stick to the plan, eh?
When talking about the hooded figure and the Fire DominantYou swore you’d avenge your brother’s death. That you’d never rest until you’d hunted down the man responsible. Sooo…
Find out if this man’s responsible, and kill yourself if he’s not.
At Cid’s Solar during the Righting Wrongs chapterWith a sprinkle of fire and ice, this plan of mine might just work


The name Cidolfus is not new to the Final Fantasy series. The origin of the name came from Final Fantasy Tactics, with Cidolfus Orlandeau.

There has been a ‘Cid’ character in most of the Final Fantasy titles. Its almost, if not more popular, than the use of other names such as Biggs and Wedge.

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