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Torgal is one of the main protagonist characters in Final Fantasy XVI. With a somewhat similar background to Jill Warrick, having both come from the Northern Territories, before finding themselves at House Rosfield.

This adorable pup was once found lost and alone in the snowfield, until the Archduke managed to find him and from then on he became a household pet. He is loyal to Clive and the Rosfield family.

HOMENorthern Territories
WEAPONSic (ground based melee attack)
Ravage (aerial based melee attack)

Resembling that of either a dog or a wolf, Torgal has long grey fur with yellow eyes and a mysterious metal bangle around its paw. This pup plays a large part in a lot of the main protagonist’s lives and can be seen in Joshua‘s artwork.

Clive and Torgal Final Fantasy XVI Action Figures
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At the March 2023 PAX East event, it was confirmed that players can indeed interact and pet this adorable animal. As a token of affection, a heart would then appear above Torgal’s head.

This cute pup carries a familiar resemblances to other similar companions within the Final Fantasy series. Including Umbra (Final Fantasy XV) and Angelo (Final Fantasy VIII). Both of which played a large part in the main storyline.


Torgal becomes a battle companion during the Fanning Embers main story quest. This mangy mutt can either be commanded or left to its own devices. Simply remove or equip the Ring of Timely Assistance from the equipment menu.

Pedigree is Torgal’s attack potency and it increases over time. This higher the rank the greater the potency. The starting rank is Lone Hunter.

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