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Jill Warrick is a character within Final Fantasy XVI. She was also a witness to destruction from a very young age. Due to this she was taken from her Northern Territories, where she became a ward of Rosaria. To be raised alongside the Archduke’s sons.

Jill Warrick is also the Dominant to the ice elemental Eikon, Shiva. In the past timeline Jill is aged12, whilst in the present she is 25 years of age. She joins the likes of Torgal, who was also originally from the Northern Territories

HOMENorthern Territories
AGE12 (Past)
25 (Present)
OCCUPATIONPrincess (Formerly)
Dominant of Shiva
Confidant (Joshua and Clive)
Charlotte McBurney

Formerly regarded as a Princess, now turned confidant to both Joshua and Clive. She is part of the main party and thus a main protagonist.

Jill Warrick is voiced by English actress Susannah Fielding who is better known for her role as Amy Simpson in the Forza Horizon series. As well as multiple characters in Sea of Thieves and she also played the role of Lilian in the 2010 episode of Doctor Who.

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Accompanying Susannah Fielding in voicing the character of Jill Warrick is Charlotte McBurney, who voices Amicia in the highly popular and award winning series, A Plague Tale.

In the Japanese version of Final Fantasy XVI, she is voiced by Tokyo born actress, Megumi Han. Who voiced in other video game titles including Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and the animated series Fruits Basket (Momiji Soma)

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