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Clive Rosfield is the firstborn and eldest son of the Archduke of Rosaria. He is also one of the main protagonist characters within Final Fantasy XVI.

He was expected to receive the power of the Fire Eikon, Phoenix. However, this was instead passed on to his much younger brother, Joshua. The second son to the Archduke.

AGE15 (Past)
28 (Present)
OCCUPATIONFirst Shield of Rosaria
Dominant of Ifrit
JAPANESE VOICE ACTORYuya Uchida (young adult)
Yuma Uchida (teen)

In order to find a purpose for himself Clive trains to become a master of the sword. His determination finally pays off when he becomes the First Shield of Rosaria.

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As the First Shield of Rosaria he is now tasked with protecting Joshua. This also grants him the ability to acquire some of the power within the Eikon itself.

Tragedy strikes when the dark Eikon, Ifrit, appears. Putting both Clive and his companions lives in danger and ending his career in short notice.


A compilation of various Clive Rosfield quotes from Final Fantasy XVI.

After the fight against the Ice DominantJill.. It it really you?
First visit to The HideawayThis place… These are Fallen ruins!
When Cid asks Clive to join his ranksCid, was it? I trust that you’ll do right by Jill. But until my brother is avenged, I must walk my own path.
Inspecting the Obelisks for the first timeThis isn’t the first time I’ve seen one of these… Perhaps I can use them as waymarks


In Final Fantasy XVI the character of Clive Rosfield is voiced by English actor, Ben Starr. Who has appeared in countless television shows such as the 2015 fictional drama, that is based on the Charles Dickens story. Dickensian. Where he played the role of Captain James Hawdon. He was also Dr. Christopher Priestley in the 2017 show, Jamestown.

Both Yuya and Yuma Uchida voice the character in the Japanese version. Yuya is known to have voiced in God of War Ragnarok (Freyr). He also managed to voice Dr. Franken Stein in Soul Eater.

Whilst Yuma is known for his role as Megumi Fushiguro in Jujutsu Kaisen.

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