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Final Fantasy XVI is the sixteenth main entry into the popular and every growing Final Fantasy series. It features segmented open environments and an action based combat system. Where players can control several of the main protagonists, including Clive Rosfield and his younger brother Joshua. The latter of which is the Dominant of the fire Eikon, Phoenix.

Eikons are the latest version of the Final Fantasy summons. Often portrayed as huge and deadly entities that are extremely powerful and can cause all kinds of damage for those unfortunate enough to be around them. Though, if you are able to control them, with the ability of becoming a Dominant, then they can prove to be a vital key to both surviving and gaining an advantage over the opposition.

Final Fantasy XVI (FF16) is set in the fictional world of Valisthea, which is in turmoil and divided into six nations. All holding the power of both the Crystals and Eikons.


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Crystals, just like with the Eikons, also hold a vital ingredient to surviving. For they often contain the power of aether. Which is the main source for both magic and life. It also plays as the origins to magic itself. It is often divided into six different elements such as ice, water, wind, lightning, fire, and earth.

The beginning concept of Final Fantasy XVI began back in 2015. When lead artists such as Naoki Yoshida and Hiroshi Takai where said to be involved with working on the title. Both of whom were known for their work on Final Fantasy XIV. Also announced to join them on the project was the composer of the MMORPG, Masayoshi Soken.

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The role of the battle designer for the game went to Ryota Suzuki, who had worked on a range of different Capcom titles. Including both Monster Hunter and Devil May Cry. As Final Fantasy XVI, once again, focuses away from its original roots of being a turn-based title. To a more action based instead, players are more free to explore the various different environments and engage in a variety of different foes that are already present.


Whilst, for the most part, the character of Clive Rosfield will be the main controllable character. There will be times when others characters such as his younger brother, can also be controlled too. However, as previously mentioned, most of the main party members will be AI controlled. Including Torgal, the wolf dog, who can obey commands and act as an additional healer for the party.

During combat, Clive can also switch between the different Eikon abilities. Giving the party an elemental advantage, since most Eikons have, of course, elemental based abilities and attacks. This includes both fire and wind.

After completing the main story of the game players will be given the option for New Game+. Which carries over character progress, including both statistics and equipment. This was also evident during the Final Fantasy XVI Demo. Where quite a bit of the first act and chapter became available to play through. The demo itself allowed those that managed to complete it, to continue from where it left off in the main and full game. Should they actually wanted to do so.


The bulk of the design and story was largely built on controversy that came after the release of Final Fantasy XV (15). Where much of it had story delivery problems and open world design flaws. So the team decided to go with a much more mature and darker narrative instead for this latest title.

Due to the 2019 pandemic the team were forced to work remotely and thus ended up being behind their original schedule. It was not until early 2022 when work on the game began to reach its final stages.

Final Fantasy XVI was officially announced in September 2020, after rumours had began surfacing regarding the company’s latest title. The announcement came with a brand new trailer, which used real-time footage. Indicating that the title was well underway.

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There was controversy regarding the age rating for the game in Saudi Arabia. Which resulted in the title being banned and the Square Enix company refusing to alter their title to meet with the country guidelines.


The English and Japanese voice actors were officially announced in December 2022. With some notable voices from the award wining A Plague Tale series being added to this list. In the way of both Logan Hannan and Charlotte McBurney

Another additional plan that the team decided against for the release of their Final Fantasy XVI title was to not release any downloadable content or animated episodes. Whereas Final Fantasy XV originally had all of this. In fact their Final Fantasy XV movie, Kingsglaive was released in theatres five months before the actual game release. The same also occurred with the Japanese animation, Brotherhood. Which released and ran from March 30 to September 17th, 2016. Meanwhile Final Fantasy XV, the actual game, was not released until November, 2016.

By doing and releasing their animated adaptations many fans were confused and felt that the full game was a let down due to it. Feeling very linear and perhaps even sacrificed for these shows, which should have been included into the main title. As perhaps expected this led to a lot of controversy and even cancellations of extra content that never got released.

So this time around the team decided to tell their full story within the actual Final Fantasy XVI title. So there would be no confusion this time around.

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