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The Final Fantasy XVI playable demo is finally available ahead of its June 22nd release. The demo itself features scenes and gameplay from the first act or chapter within the game.

It starts off with a rather explosive introduction of a battle between both Phoenix and Ifrit, the two fire elemental Eikons. The former of course has a connection to one of the main protagonists, Joshua Rosfield.


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You can download the playable Final Fantasy XVI (16) demo from the Playstation 5, where it will be part of the PSN Store. It is roughly around 18.69GB in size. From there we can begin!

The first screen that we will come across is the System Settings, no surprise there. Here we will be given the chance to play around with subtitles and even voice language options. Of which we can play in either English, Japanese or other available language. There is quite a few to choose from.

We will also get the opportunity for the Eikonic Challenge. Which is only available to us once we have successfully managed to complete the demo at least once. So think of it as ‘current’ end-game content.


The playable demo begins with a battle against the two fire elemental Eikons, Ifrit and Phoenix. Where we will be in control of Phoenix. We are limited for now on what we can do whilst playing at the ‘fire bird’. With the ‘Triangle’ button we can attack with projectile attacks. Whilst the ‘R1’ will be used to evade Ifrit’s incoming attacks.

Ifrit Vs Phoenix

Once we regain control and after the next following scene we will switch characters, and now be in control of Clive Rosfield. A member of the First Shield of Rosaria

Continue to follow the rest of the group and we will get another scene, which takes place inside of the Zirnitra Stronghold. Here we will be introduced to even more characters including; Benedikta.


The path is rather linear as we make our way towards our goal and give glance at the Republican Army war that is going on below. Continue on and its time for another scene. This time its a fight between more Eikons, Titan and Shiva.

Keep following your team mates and another scene will occur before we then find ourselves in the past. With a much younger version of Clive. Alongside his younger brother Joshua. Who is accompanied by a past version of another companion, Jill Warrick and Torgal.

Once we regain control once again it will be time to learn the fighting combat mechanics. Here we will be training against the Lord Commander, Murdoch. As this is basic training it should all be a simple process. Follow the in-game prompts to complete it.


The training itself will teach us how to swing a sword. Which we can do by simply mashing the ‘Square’ button. As we have some of the Phoenix Eikon power within us, we can even cast fire elemental damage. This can be done through the use of the ‘Triangle’ button.

We will also learn how to heal our health and HP by drinking ‘healing potions’. These potions are already assigned to our Shortcut tab, on the bottom left of the screen.

Combat Training

After completing the combat training and watching the next following scenes, Jill Warrick will tell us that our next task is to go and meet up with the Archduke. Jill is another companion that we saw earlier during training. She, unlike Joshua, is not related to the Rosfield family.

The game will now give us more tutorials. If you ever find yourself lost within your adventures you can always take advantage of the ‘L3’ button and the game will indicate and point to your current objective. Doing this is known as using our ‘Animal Instinct’.


Our objective is the throne room, where the Archduke and father can be found. Both Jill and Torgal will follow from behind. As we make our way there we can also collect a few items along the way.

Picking up items is really straight forward, simply locate an item and head towards it. Clive will automatically collect it and there is no need to select or use any commands in order to do so. Our first item that we can find is a ‘Potion’, which is located on top of the nearby crates by the tents.

Now the main gate is currently shut so there is no access for us there. So, in stead, proceed and make your way towards the training area and head up the stairs. We will confront two of the towns residents.

Continue on and follow the next set of stairs. This will lead to a dead end but at the dead end is another item for us to collect. A High Potion.

Head through the door and we will arrive at the Down Gardens. Next to the castle walls is our third item, another Potion.

Proceed into the nearby throne room. After the scene we will then be tasked with retiring to our chambers for the night.


Our chambers is located upstairs, the stairs themselves are located behind the Archduke Elwin. Head up and rest for the night, our next destination is over at Stillwind.

The area of Stillwind is full of Goblin foes and enemy threats. Now is a good time to put our combat training to good use. After the scene continue to follow the linear and rather muddy path.

To the right side of the area we can find 2 Gil. Which is basically in-game currency. For those that are familiar with the series you should have already known that by now. In this area we will also come across a collection of blue butterflies, these basically act as our waypoint. So keep following them.

After crouching under a fallen tree stump we will encounter the Goblins. They are not much of a threat but they do have their numbers. Defeat them and move on.

Head under the wooden planks and still to the right side to find an abandoned ruin. Inside is a Strength Tonic. Making our way to the Drowned Village and we will confront more Goblin Muggers.

Before moving on be sure to check the ruins for another Potion. Break through the wooden barricade. Here we will find yet another Potion. Heading inside one of the ruins and up the stairs, there will be a Strength Tonic on the bed.

Follow the butterflies up a ladder and into the next area. More Goblin targets to dispose of. After that go ahead and explore the ruins here for more loot (Potion). Repair the bridge and cross over to find another Potion.


A scene will then break out and we will confront the Goblin leader. Followed by our first real boss known as the Gigas.

The Gigas is a large foe and our toughest one yet. It wields a giant mace around and knows how to swing it. Alas though, it is mostly always slow. So hit and run. Only after we have fazed it once does the fight start to get interesting.

Once it performs the ‘Big Swing’ attack make sure to stand back as it rotates in circles using its large mace to hit whatever is currently in its range. Sending you and your companions flying. Once defeated we will be rewarded with 54XP, 45 Ability Points and Hard Leather Armlets.

The Goblin leader will then try to flee the area. Chase after it. Along the way we can collect a High Potion from the shelving. Then a potion at the doorway.


Soon enough another scene will trigger and we will confront a Morbol. A series favourite when it comes to terrifying enemies.

The main attacks that you want to watch out for is Bad Breath, no surprises there. This is a series nightmare of a move. In the past it could easily put your character in a state of confusion and wreck havoc with your health.

Another move is the black gooey substance that it can leave around the area. Get caught in it and your likely to take damage. The other does not occur until midway through the fight. Which is the Wild Rage attack where it flings its tentacles around the area and begins to jump around.

When it goes underground it will pop up nearby and automatically begin to suck Clive towards it. There is no escape so just accept that your going to be forcefully dragged towards it. Here there will be a button quick time sequence so be ready for it!

Upon defeat you will be rewarded with 50XP and 70 Ability Points.


Return back to the Phoenix Gate and a rather lengthy scene will begin. At the end of it we will be in control of young Joshua as we try to make our escape from the castle.

Our time with Joshua is rather brief and there are no items or collectibles along the way. Still make sure to get used to his abilities. He is a mage class type of character that can wield fire magic as well as heal injuries using Curaga.

Anyway after the following few scenes we will be back with Clive once again. Alongside Commander Murdoch. The path is rather linear but we can collect several items along the way as we continue to our next destination.

Our first item is a Stoneskin Tonic, which can be found after heading through the nearby door. In the following room there will be several Imperial enemies waiting for us. Eliminate them.

Head through the next doorway and we will find both a Potion and a High Potion. The following door after that will take us back outside. Here there will be more Imperials.


After taking down the Imperials we will then confront the Knight of the Blinding Dawn, who is actually an Imperial Dragoon.

As a member of the Dragoon, this Knight will be quite a fast individual. He will, of course, also come wielding a large spear, as is customary with his class. Some of his moves will include Jump and eventually the Double Jump. Which is when he basically jumps into the sky and drops back down, spear first. For the Double Jump attack you can expect him to do this twice.

Knight Of The Blinding Dawn

Just stay back and be sure to read his moves. Use a Stoneskin Tonic to help increase your defences. Should you have remembered to pick one up earlier.

Upon defeat you will be rewarded with 63XP and 75 Ability Points. Another scene will then occur and it will be like a repeat of the beginning of the demo. Phoenix Vs Ifrit (Round 2)

You should have a general idea of how these type of fights are played out, as said, we had a similar fight at the start of the Final Fantasy XVI playable demo. Remember that the attack button is also the ‘Triangle’ button. This will cast fire projectiles. Whilst the evade can be performed with the ‘R1’ button.

Near to the end of the battle Ifrit will attempt to cast Hell Fire, which will result in a Game Over screen if you fail to eliminate him before the countdown timer expires.

The Final Fantasy XVI playable demo ends after the fight between the two Eikons.

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