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We venture into the Wings of Change chapter in FFXVI Final Fantasy XVI. Clive’s spar with the Dominant of Wind not only ends in victory, but sees him wrest away her Eikon’s very essence and claim it for his own.

Our next destination is to head north.


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Now that we have the power of the Garuda Eikon’s wind abilities we will also have managed to unlocked several new moves that can be used during combat. These can be found in the Attributes menu. Here we will have both Gouge and Wicked Wheel.

The Gouge ability allows us to summon twin claws that relentlessly tear at a target. It can be used whilst in midair. As for Wicked Wheel, this move allows us to perform a rising attack, striking all enemies within range and lifting them from the ground.

Unlocking Both The Gouge and Wicked Wheel Abilities

Anyway continue to follow the path and collect the High Potion along the way. Feel free to use your new abilities on the incoming Imperials. Then collect the Potion on the right side of the path and another to the left.

Near the castle walls we can locate more loot (3 sharp fangs). Whilst 2 Gil can be found near the water. Defeat the Imperials by the bridge, including the Aevis that accompanies them.

In case you are wondering we can switch to the different Eikon abilities through the use of the L2 button on the controller. Should you wish to switch things up once again.

FFXVI Controller Layout
Final Fantasy XVI Controls

Switching to different Eikon abilities is always a good idea when one set of abilities are placed on cooldown, after having been used. This then allows us to deal further damage instead of relying on our basic and normal attacks. Thus dealing less damage and not really maximizing our full potential.

For successfully defeating the Imperials by the bridge we will be rewarded with 58XP, 30 Ability Points, 270 Gil. Along with x20 Wyrrite and x15 Sharp Fang.

Anyway head across the bridge for a scene


Things have suddenly gotten very windy around here. Anyway make your way north east, towards The Dragon’s Aery and collect the Gil Bug along the way.

Fighting A Wind Elemental In FFXVI

We will now come across the Wind Elementals. These are the equivalent of a much smaller and weaker version of the Chirada that we encountered during the Headwind chapter of FFXVI. They can also sometimes drop a Clouded Eye. Which is a crafting material.

Feel free to explore the area, we can find 2 Gil by a large rock by the path. A furth 2 Gil by continuing along the path. East of the map. A Potion is also waiting for us by the next objective.

As we approach the next area a cinematic will trigger and Clive will find himself separated from both Torgal and Cidolfus. This will also conclude the Wings of Change chapter.

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