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Our next chapter of (FFXVI) Final Fantasy XVI is known as Awakening. It sees Clive alone after having confronted the Fire Dominant within the Eye of the Tempest. Just who is this hooded figure?


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When you gain control of Clive we will be inside of the Eye of the Tempest. However, our main objective is to follow the hooded figure that will be spotted in front of us. When you get close to him they will disappear, as if to teleport to another location.

Chasing After The Hooded Figure

Keep following the path and the figure will reappear once again. As we continue to do this Garuda will be trying to distract us by throwing ruined obstructions in our path. Ignore her and continue on.


When we finally reach the top of the cliffs the hooded Dominant will disappear once again and we will be left alone, to fight the wind Eikon herself, Garuda.

Here we will be fighting on top of a rather small and linear platform, with no where to run or hide. Not that we were going to do that, of course. However, considering the sheer size of Garuda we want to be extremely careful to avoid her attacks as much as possible.

For the first phase she will simply use her large talons to swipe at us and try to inflict damage. Dodge them and try to time your dodges correctly. No need to rush the fight and be reckless.

You will mainly want to aim at her head. This is her weakest point. By dealing damage to her head and upper body we will cause much more damage than we would otherwise, if we were aiming at her lower section.


During the (FFXVI) Final Fantasy XVI Awakening chapter we will be informed about the Takedown. This will first occur when the Wind Eikon’s stagger gauge reaches the halfway point. The Takedown simply means that the enemy target is not 100% staggered yet. More like in a daze but still aware of their surroundings.

In order to get them fully staggered and to be able to cause maximum damage to them we will need to perform a Takedown.

Performing A Takedown on Garuda
Performing A Takedown

To perform a Takedown simply use Garuda’s Deadly Embrace ability. We can do this by first making sure that we have switched to the correct Eikon ability set. Then the default controls are R2 and Circle. It should also be listed at the bottom right of the screen.

By performing Garuda’s Deadly Embrace she will loose complete control and end up toppling to the ground. This is then your time to deal those damage numbers!


The next stage of the fight will begin with Garuda casting the Aerial Blast ability. Which will highlight certain sections of the ground. Avoid them.

After a certain period of time these lighter sections of the ground. The Aerial Blast projections, will turn into mini tornadoes. Dealing damage to anyone caught inside of them.

The last attack that is new to this fight is the Tornado ability. Which is where she will simply cast Tornadoes around the area.

All in all, she is a simple fight but what makes it slightly more difficult is the limited space. Having to fight a large boss whilst on a particularly small platform.

For managing to defeat Garuda this time around we will be rewarded with 100XP, 100 Ability Points, 500 Gil and x55 Sharp Fang


A twist to the Awakening FFXVI chapter story will now commence. Though, I personally managed to figure this out by playing the Final Fantasy XVI Demo. It was a bit obvious, in truth. Anyway, long story short, we will now be controlling the Fire Eikon, Ifrit.

Here we will get a quick tutorial on how to control Ifrit. We can use the Square button for a basic melee attack. Whilst the Triangle and R1 buttons will allow us to perform Ranged attacks as well as be able to evade. The latter of which comes to no real surprise as it is the same evade controls for Clive.

During this fight against Garuda she will cast several wind based projectiles towards you. Try to avoid them otherwise you will get stun locked in place and feel the full blow of that particular move.

Another one of her moves involves a large wind ball projectile. This one should be much easier to avoid, since there is only the single projectile this time around.

Garuda will also try to cast Tornado which will fire three wind tornadoes into the area. Easily avoidable as they are basically aligned and are much slower than her many firing wind projectiles.

Hellfire Ifrit Vs Wind Eikon Garuda
Hellfire Ifrit Continues To Fight The Wind Eikon

After loosing some of her health the wind Eikon will then trigger another one of her new moves known as Skyfall. Where she will conjure up a large boulder and try to smack Ifrit with it. As this is still part of a cinematic. All you need to do is be ready for the quick time events.

From there just continue the fight as normal. She is now out of new moves. So we will confront basically the same move set of hers. However, once she reaches the end of her health bar be ready for more cinematic button mash sequences.

This time around we will be rewarded with 400XP, 200 Ability Points, 2,500 Gil. Along with x1 Wind Shard, x60 Wyrrite and x2 Meteorite

This concludes the Awakening chapter of (FFXVI) Final Fantasy XVI

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