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The Clockwork Castellan dolls are part of the (RE4) Resident Evil 4 Remake collectibles. These dolls feature throughout the game and there is a total of 16 to be found altogether.
The dolls represent the character Ramon Salazar and in order to collect them you must find and destroy them. This is somewhat similar to previous Resident Evil remake titles such as Resident Evil 3 Remake which had the Mr. Charlie dolls and Resident Evil 2 remake which had the Mr. Raccoons.

This guide will hopefully be helping you to locate all 16 of the Salazar or Clockwork Castellan dolls.

(Note: If you miss any of them then all you need to do is revert to a past save and collect the Salazar Doll. There is no need to replay the game. Unless you do not have any past saves. Every time you find and collect one of these Clockwork Castellan dolls, it will then create a checkpoint)


CHAPTER: Chapter 1
LOCATION: Lakeside Settlement
GUIDE: This one is located on the ceiling of a ruined building.

CHAPTER: Chapter 2
LOCATION: Abandoned Factory
GUIDE: We can find this one inside a small building after unlocking the gate using the Hexagonal Emblem

CHAPTER: Chapter 3
GUIDE: When tasked with crossing the lake and after meeting up with the merchant once again, proceed down the ladders here. The doll is located on a high wooden platform near the water

CHAPTER: Chapter 4
LOCATION: Forest Altar
GUIDE: Head to the Lakeside Settlement and use the Insignia Key to unlock the gate here. This will take us to a ladder and towards the Forest Altar.

CHAPTER: Chapter 5
LOCATION: Village Chief Manor
GUIDE: With Ashley now as a companion we can return back to the Village Chief Manor. Once you arrive head up to the second floor and interact with a picture in the bedroom. This will reveal a ladder up to the attic. The doll is in this attic.

CHAPTER: Chapter 6
LOCATION: Checkpoint
GUIDE: After entering the Checkpoint area. Which is just after meeting up with the merchant once again. We can then find the Salazar doll on top of the rocky cliffs, to the right on the path.

CHAPTER: Chapter 7
LOCATION: Dungeons
GUIDE: We can find this one after we have aquired the Dungeon Key and been reunited with Ashley once again. From there use the dungeon key and head through the gate and up the set of ladders. The Salazar doll is located on a wooden shelf.

CHAPTER: Chapter 8
LOCATION: Castle Battlements
GUIDE: Once you reach the rooftop of the castle we will get a scene involving an El Gigante. Immediately run to the right and drop down from there. Head to the nearby set of ladders. Climb them and head around towards the next Salazar doll

CHAPTER: Chapter 9
LOCATION: Courtyard
GUIDE: After the opening chapter cinematic proceed on down to the courtyard area. The Salazar doll is located behind a box underneath the stairs. North West of the map.

CHAPTER: Chapter 10
GUIDE: As you explore the cold, dark and damp tunnels you will reach the comfort of the purple flame that is often accompanied by the Merchant. Here there will also be a tunnel vent. Look through this vent in order to find this Salazar doll hanging upside down

CHAPTER: Chapter 11
LOCATION: Stopover
GUIDE: After riding the first and rather thrilling mine cart along the rocky tracks we will then arrive at the Stopover. We can find the Salazar doll on the building rooftop. Look up and to the left as soon as the cart ride stops.

CHAPTER: Chapter 12
LOCATION: Clock Tower
GUIDE: When you arrive at the Clock Tower we will get a small scene involving Salazar himself and we will also come across the much larger Salazar mechanical statue. From this large mechanical statue you will want to stay on the ground floor and head to the left of the area. North West of the entrance.

CHAPTER: Chapter 13
GUIDE: After heading through the heavily guarded security area and coming across the Rocket Launcher equipped soldiers. We will eventually find ourselves in an area with a large truck and green tractor. The Salazar doll is hiding amongst these two vehicles.

CHAPTER: Chapter 14
LOCATION: Campsite
GUIDE: After the scene involving Saddler over in the Amber Storeroom, we will then need to venture through the Campsite. Within the Campsite there is a small room, that, if you look at the map, fits between both the Campsite and Amber Storeroom. The Salazar doll can be found in here. On top of the row of lockers.

CHAPTER: Chapter 15
LOCATION: Specimen Storage
GUIDE: Head into the Specimen Storage, which is the location after the helicopter incident. Then look for some wooden railings on the ceiling. The Salazar doll is up here.

CHAPTER: Chapter 16
LOCATION: Underground Passage
GUIDE: After the fight against Saddler the island will begin to crumble. As you try to make your exit you will come across a room with enemy soldiers and a small forklift vehicle. The Salazar doll is located behind this said vehicle.

This will then conclude the Salazar Clockwork Castellan doll locations for the (RE4) Resident Evil 4 Remake


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