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During chapter 13 of the (RE4) Resident Evil 4 Remake we will reach an area that is inhabitated by the rather deadly and scary Regenerador.

These Regeneradors are rather strong individuals that can stretch their limbs in order to catch and knock you off guard. Alongside that they can also travel across the floor, almost like a snake hunting around for its prey.

They also, at first, may seem to come across as being rather invincible. Most bullets and weapons will not work on them. They can only be defeated by one simple method. A method that requires a Sniper Rifle alongside the Biosensor Scope. So try not to waste any unnecessary ammunition.


Anyway whilst you are being tasked with trying to rescue Ashley. Who has been kidnapped by Ramon Salazar and the rest of Lord Saddler’s goons. We will reach the Wharf. An area that is swarmed by enemy patrols, a few of which carry high explosive weapons such as the Rocket Launcher. It is also here where we can finally find Ashley.

However, this area is certainly not without its danger. As more enemies patrol the area, including the infamous Regeneradors. This area will be where we will first encounter them.

The Regeneradors are completely different from what we have managed to encounter so far. For one, most simple methods such as using the handgun and other traditional weapons will not work on them. In order to eliminate them we need to use the Sniper Rifle and combine it with the Biosensor Scope. Which can be found within the Incubation Lab.


In order to upgrade the Keycard to Level 3, we must first find the wrench. Now after you have successfully managed to upgrade the security card to level 2, we will then be tasked with ‘Get the Level 3 Keycard’. Which will take us to the Incubation Lab.

In the Incubation Lab there will be another Overwrite Terminal. Alongside a total of four containment units that currently have yet more Regeneradors inside of them.

Anyway inspect the Overwrite Terminal and you will discover that you need to use a Wrench. We cannot operate the terminal without it.

In order to obtain and find this wrench we need to remain in the Incubation Lab. Hope you are ready as our next task is to smash open the containment units. Thus waking our rather wrinkly skinned friends.

The wrench is actually a drop from one of the Regeneradors. It may be best to waken them up one at a time until the wrench is actually dropped. Which Regenerador drops the wrench is actually random. I have had it drop from different ones on two different playthroughs. So destroy the containment units one at a time and hope for the best!

The way to eliminate a Regenerador is to use a Sniper Rifle that is equipped with the Biosensor Scope. This will then allow us to see their weakness. Of course failing that there is the option of using a Rocket Launcher which you can purchase for 80,000 ptas.


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