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In the (RE4) Resident Evil 4 Remake there are various requests that can be found and completed. Most of them resides near the merchant and the typewriter. Most obvious on walls and as blue notes.

These requests are similar to side quests in that they supply us with optional side activities. Sometimes we will be required to locate various collectibles, other times to destroy specific objects and enemies. All of the requests are located on blue notes. So we will need to find and locate these notes in order to learn more about the task and objective. Each chapter has at least one of these requests that we can try to solve.

As a reward for having successfully completed these requests we will most often be rewarded with Spinels, which can then be sold for ptas to the merchant. They are basically treasure that we can then sell. Usually these are traded for various rewards from the Merchant. Rewards such as healing herbs, weapon parts, new weapons, and treasure maps. There is a vast range of different rewards to choose from.

Once you have successfully managed to completed the required task we can then speak with the Merchant in order to complete it and move on to the next one. Only by speaking with the Merchant will we be able to reap our rewards.

One such request within the Resident Evil 4 Remake is the Merciless Knight request, which sees us having to locate a rather strong threat. We can find and complete this one during chapter 10, within the Mausoleum


REQUEST: Defeat The Strong Threat
AREA: Mausoleum
REWARD: x8 Spinel
CHAPTER: Chapter 10
DESCRIPTION: I seek a brave soul willing to dispose of that monstrosity of a knight. But be warned: It is much stronger than the others. He cut down our best with a single strike.


Okay as soon as chapter 10 begins we will find ourselves going solo. Without Ashley. As soon as you gain control of Leon head through the door that we unlock by finding the heads to the Chimera statue.

Head through this doorway and it will lead us to a path back to the Library. However, just before we venture into that said room we can find the ‘Merciless Knight’ blue request note on the table here. Make sure to grab it.

From there venture further and into the Library, to where we played as Ashley in the previous chapter. From there make your way to the elevator lift and ride it down to the Mausoleum.

Once at the Mausoleum we will confront a much larger knight opponent. One that wears golden armor. This is the target that we must and need to destroy. It will, of course, also be accompanied by other, regular knights too. So make sure to bring plenty of Flash Grandes.

Flash Grenades are useful for quickly disposing any enemy targets that later, after having taken enough damage, start to grow tentacles due to the Las Plagas virus.

Once defeated the Golden Knight will drop a Yellow Diamond that is worth 7,000 ptas. Always remember that for taking down these knights the Flash Grenade is your best friend!


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