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The Insect Hive is an optional request within the RE4 Remake. There are many various requests that can be found and completed altogether. Most of them resides near the merchant and the typewriter. Most obvious on walls and as blue notes.

These requests are similar to side quests in that they supply us with optional side activities. Sometimes we will be required to locate various collectibles, other times to destroy specific objects and enemies. All of the requests are located on blue notes. So we will need to find and locate these notes in order to learn more about the task and objective. Each chapter has at least one of these requests that we can try to solve.

As a reward for having successfully completed these requests we will most often be rewarded with Spinels, which can then be sold for ptas to the merchant. They are basically treasure that we can then sell. Usually these are traded for various rewards from the Merchant. Rewards such as healing herbs, weapon parts, new weapons, and treasure maps. There is a vast range of different rewards to choose from.

Once you have successfully managed to completed the required task we can then speak with the Merchant in order to complete it and move on to the next one. Only by speaking with the Merchant will we be able to reap our rewards.

One such request within the Resident Evil (RE) 4 Remake is the Insect Hive request, which sees us having to destroy the various hive entrances. We can find and complete this one during chapter 11, within the Hive area.



REQUEST: Destroy all the entrances to the hive
AREA: Hive
REWARD: x4 Spinel
CHAPTER: Chapter 11
DESCRIPTION: Too many have lost their lives to the never-ending swarm of insects. It is a plague! Please destroy the entrances in their gigantic hive and save us from further tragedy!


Once you are done riding the rather thrilling mine cart twice, alongside Luis Serra, you will then arrive at the insect hive. Which is home to the Novistadors. All of this will take place during chapter

The Novistadors are the flying creatures that can make themselves invisible. They are rather annoying and they usually always come in large groups. The only way to stop them is to destroy their hive entrance.

The blue request note for this one can be found pinned to a wooden pallet, near the insect hive. Now on to the main objective.

Now, in plain view, is the insect hive. It is huge and certainly noticeable. Now scan this insect hive and you should find some rather bright yellow marks on it. These marks represent the hive entrances.

Locate these yellow marks and destroy them using a long range weapon. You will know when you are targeting the correct spot as you should see yellow puss or goo coming from it.

There are four of these hive entrances. You will need to locate and destroy them all.


The Novistadors are rather annoying to say the least. They are known as flying insects. However, not only can they fly but they can also camouflage themselves with the surroundings. That when up close will potentially give you a jumpscare as it tries to attack you from out of nowhere.

According to the Resident Evil 4 lore, these Novistadors were originally human. They are the result of an experiment with the Plaga virus on the human body. After having fused the human body with insects.

Unfortunately these creatures usually come in many swarms and thus you can easily find yourself being outnumbered. However, thankfully they are relatively easy to deal with. Usually, on normal difficulties, they only take two handgun rounds to eliminate them.


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