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During chapter 9 of the (RE4) Resident Evil 4 Remake we will find ourselves in the Grand Hall of the castle. This area will then task us with having to find the missing heads of the Chimera statue. Which is located within the middle of the hall. One of these missing heads includes the Serpent Head. Which can be found and collected after solving a specific puzzle.


The Dining Hall is an area where this particular puzzle resides. In order to collect the Serpent Head for the Chimera statue we must first solve this puzzle.

In order to find the Dining Hall we need to reach chapter 9. Which means we need to fight our way through the village and finally reach the castle.

Here we will find ourselves within the Grand Hall. The Dining Hall is to the left of the Chimera statue. Simply head through the door.


Head to the Dining Hall and there will be two tables. It also seems like we can choose to sit at the various different chairs. Each chair has its own set of cutlery and drink glass. Perhaps they were expecting company at some point? Well, in order to solve this particular puzzle we need to sit on these chairs. So I guess that makes us the said company, for now.

Now keep an eye on what each chair and table has. What type of cutlery it has and the kind of drinks glass too. This is very important and each one is unique and different. After memorizing those and the seating arrangement. You will then want to place those beady eyes on the rather large portraits on the far end wall. How convenient. There are two portraits and one of which shows a man and the other a woman. Well both Ashley and Leon make up a partner of two people and of the opposite gender, just like these portrait paintings.

Not only that but both of these pictures and portraits also show various different cutlery and drinks glass. It should resemble to something similar to the two large tables that are in the room. Use these hints to then solve the puzzle.

Command Ashley to sit on the correct chair, as seen in the portrait on the wall. We can do this by inspecting the necessary chair. A prompt will then appear.


If done correctly, we will be rewarded with the Serpent Head. Which can be collected by heading over to the large serpent snake statue that is situated in the corner of the room. Simply inspect it in order to claim your reward. We can then place it into the Chimera statue that is back in the Grand Hall.

That concludes the Dining Hall puzzle and how to find and collect the Serpent Head within the (RE4) Resident Evil 4 Remake.


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