Assassins Creed Valhalla – All 5 Tomb Artifact Locations (Tombs Of The Fallen) Locations Guide

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Collecting all of the tomb artifacts can be quite challenging as many are hidden behind puzzles that require solving. Each artifact are also only found within the Tombs of the Fallen.

Thanks to update 1.6.1 there is now a total of 5 tomb artifacts to be found altogether. This includes the Togodomnus artifact, Verica’s artifact, Boudicca’s artifact, Cassivellaunus’s artifact, and Venutius’s artifact. All of which require you to solve puzzles and complete their respected Tombs of the Fallen.

Now you might be wondering what these artifacts are actually for? Well, they actually do have their many uses. One such use is that they can be used to get the Blazing Sword. The Blazing Sword is the reward that you get after you have successfully managed to complete the Eden Ring Station.

However, in order to get inside the Eden Ring Station you will be required to find and claim all 5 tomb artifacts.

So where are the 5 tomb artifacts located? Well.. below is a simple guide on all of their locations.


Boudicca’s tomb is located east of England, in East Anglia. Here head north east of Brisleah Farm and you should come across it.

From there make your way inside Boudicca’s Tomb and begin exploring it. Solve the required puzzle and in doing so, we will then get to the room with Boudicca’s actual tomb. A scene will then occur.

From this scene you will then want to make your way through the small gap in the wall. This will lead to a dead end. However, it is inside this dead end where you will find Boudicca’s artifact.


Venutius’s tomb is actually located center of the England map, over in Eurvicscire. Near the Anlaf’s Lookout.

From there head inside Venutius’s tomb and complete the required puzzle until you can gain access to the room with Venutius’s actual tomb. Here a scene will play out.

Once the scene comes to an end continue up the small hill and then, when possible, ride on up to the platform above. Continue on and then drop down to the ground below.

From there look for a gap in the wall and make your way through it. You will find the artifact in here. (Venutius Tomb Artifact)


In order to find Cassivellaunus’s Tomb we will need to head west of England, to Sciropescire. East of the Afon Hafren River.

From there enter the tomb and solve the puzzle so that we can actually gain access to Cassivellaunus’s actual tomb. Here a scene will play out.

Once the scene is finished continue to follow the path, past the treasure chest, then ride on up to the platform above.

Continue on and open the door at the end, walk along the rope and head into the passageway north of your current location. With the damaged bridge.

Then descend into the water. However, the actual artifact is located just out of the water on the rocky floor.


Verica’s tomb is actually located west of England, in Hamtunscire. Here the entrance will be on a rocky wall, simply touch the glyph here to unlock the tomb.

Once you have managed to find yourself inside Verica’s tomb you will then need to solve the puzzle here in order to gain access to the room with Verica’s actual tomb. Here a scene will play out involving Verica.

After the scene make your way up the small flight of steps then continue on and use the lift to reach the platform above. Keep going up.

From there continue on and head down the first left. Keep descending and continue on until you reach a room with fire and lava. The artifact is in here.

(A full guide on Verica’s tomb can be found here: Verica’s Tomb)


The Togodomnus tomb is located south of England, in Suthsexe. Left of Brimclif Monastery. The entrance to the tomb will be near the ocean sea.

Once inside continue exploring and solve the required puzzle until we can finally gain access to Togodomnus’s actual tomb. Here a scene involving Togodomnus will trigger.

After the scene continue on towards a room with a waterfall, here dive into the water. The artifact is actually hiding under water. Through an underwater cave passage.

(Note: For a full guide on the Togodomnus Tomb refer to this guide)


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