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A new Assassins Creed Valhalla update has arrived and with it comes new and exciting locations and collectibles. New collectibles such as Verica’s tomb artifact and sickle.

Both Verica’s tomb artifact and sickle come as a new addition to Assassins Creed Valhalla, it comes as part of update 1.6.1. It can be found whilst exploring the Tombs of the Fallen.

In order to reach the Tombs of the Fallen you will need to progress the story until you reach England. From there build your settlement and we will then be able to explore the Tombs of the Fallen.

In this guide we will show you how to find Verica’s Tomb Artifact and sickle


In order to find Verica’s tomb we will need to travel west of England, to Hamtunscire. From there should should then be able to find a stone wall that you may need to climb up, in doing so we should then notice a rather large glyph on this said wall. Interacting with this glyph should then open up the secret passage to Verica’s Tomb.


Once you have successfully managed to find your way inside this tomb you will then want to continue along the path. Sliding under obstacles and smashing through a wooden wall.

Ignore the gate and continue to descend, further into the tomb. Continue on past the spiked floor and into the lava area. Eventually we will reach a much more open area.

Ride the zipline and we will find our first puzzle to solve.

Basically at the end of the zipline there will be a wooden door to the right, destroy this to find a pedestal that we can move around. Move the pedestal on to the large square platform. This will then reveal several more square platforms. Ride the next zipline down.

At the bottom continue on and head through the small passageway. Continue on until you reach an area where you can descend. However, as we descend there will be several spiked pillars, do be careful.

Here Eivor will mention fumes from the water will be dangerous and to try and avoid it. In order to make things easier for yourself there will be a structure of stones and rocks just above you. Use your bow to make this structure drop into this water. In doing so we will have now managed to create a platform that we can use to cross the water.

Here climb up the wall and again get out your bow, point and aim at the boxes above. This will then cause the lift that you are on to move and activate.

Continue on in order to find the next lift, ride it down. However, at this point we will find another pedestal that we can move. Move this pedestal on to the lift with you.

Once the lift comes to a stop climb back up and leave the pedestal on the lift. There will be another pedestal nearby. It too will be next to a lift. Do the same as before and push this pedestal onto the lift and climb back up again.

Just above you is our next pedestal, however it is currently sitting on a wooden stand. Aim your bow at this stand and let the pedestal fall to the lift below. As these lifts are all connected it will be like playing with a bunch of weights. One of these weights only has a single pedestal and due to this will now begin rising. Ride this lift up.

When the lift comes to a stop we will then need to climb the pedestal in order to reach the platform above. Climb the ladder and continue on.

Head through the next wooden wall and interact with the lever in order to make a platform move across towards you. Use the ledge in order to reach this platform. Destroy the wooden barrier in order to gain access to a new passageway.

To the left of this new passageway there will be a gate. If you look above this gate you will find a wooden wall, use your bow to destroy this. Climb up and over and we can then unlock the gate.

Interact with this next lever and make sure to destroy the wooden wall just north of this lever. Ride the moving platform. From there we will then need to make our way on to the tall platform nearby. Here we can find some explosives, take one and ride the moving platform once again. Throw this explosive at the wall north of you in order to reveal a new passage.

Jump the lava and interact with the next lever, this will then reveal a a ball that we will need to use a bit later on so take it with you.

In the next room there will be several wooden crates, put down the ball and destroy the wooden barricade to find more pedestals. Move the first two on the right, further to the right so that we can gain access to the pedestal on the left.

Now if you look up you should notice a small cage, in this cage is a skeleton with a key that we need. Make your way to this cage using the pedestal and grab the key. The key will unlock the nearby door. Remember to pick up the ball and lets go.

Head left and continue on into another open room. Drop down to the large square on the floor. Proceed and place the ball on to this square platform. A scene will then occur and more square platforms will appear.

Continue on and walk the rope across keep going until you find yet another lever. Interact with it in order to reveal another moving platform. Jump on to this platform and then half way across jump over to the pillar. On this pillar there will be several explosives, take one.

Return to the moving platform and jump to the other side now. Throw the explosive into the wall so that we can uncover another passageway. Continue on.

In this next area there will be a lift. Our goal is to use the nearby objects to keep this lift weighted down. This will then raise the other lift next to it. Jump to this lift and climb up the wall.

At the top go ahead and interact with the lever in order to reveal another ball, take it. Then from there begin to ride the moving platform. Our goal is to backtrack along the rope and past the next lever.

From there make your way back up to the platforms above. Jump these platforms and place the ball on the square platform. Then jump down to the floor below.

Climb up the various walls and ledges until you find a zipline, ride it. It will lead to an unlocked door. Proceed through and make your way up. Here we will find another explosive. Take one and jump back down again. Thrown the explosive at the wall to reveal our next passage.

Drop down and grab another explosive, then head to the ground floor in order to find a wall that can be destroyed. This wall will reveal a pedestal. Move this pedestal and place it into the water. This will form a passage to another pedestal.

Take this new pedestal and place it onto the square platform. Go ahead and interact with the lever. This will then activate the square platform, quickly ride it up.

Once at the top we will notice a large wooden crate, we need to jump under this crate and onto the far wall. Climb up this wall and then jump on to the next wooden box. Use your bow to lower the walkway. Grab one of the explosives.

Here we will notice another pedestal, push this one along the walkway but do not push it into the way just yet. Instead interact with the nearby lever. This will reveal a lift. Push this pedestal on to the lift.

On the other side of this room there will be another lever, activate it. Then look up to find another pedestal, lower it by using your bow. Return to the previous pedestal and push it off the lift and into the middle of the room.

Head through the door on the right and push the pedestal through it and on to the floor below. Keep pushing the pedestal and then place it onto the square platform. This will unlock the door to Verica’s tomb.

After the scene with Verica be sure to open the chest to find Verica’s Sickle.


In order to get Verica’s artifact we must backtrack and make our way up to the top platform and up the ladder.

Head left and drop down to the ground below. Walk the rope and we should then be able to find it. It sits on a small box.


A sharp sickle that bears none of the shameful history of its previous owner, said to burst into flames after it has spilled enough blood.

Ignite your weapon after 3 kills (Duration: 20s)

ATK: 85

STUN: 125

WGT: 5

SPD: 83




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