Return To Monkey Island – How To Escape The Ship’s Hold (LeChuck’s Crew) Guide

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After we have successfully managed to convince the quartermaster into letting us join LeChuck’s crew, which will involve having to find and acquire both an eyepatch and a mop. We will then be able to board the ghostly pirate ship.

Whilst on this pirate ship we will be tasked with being a swabbie and to clean up the surrounding area. This will inevitably find us inside the ship’s hold.

The ship’s hold will get us face to face with a rather large green ghost chicken. Though, its presence might be a bit of a surprise it really isn’t worth worrying about.

Unfortunately though, at the bottom of the ladders leading into the ship’s hold there will be some chicken grease. Now feel free to try and clean this grease but in truth it is a bit pointless. Every time you attempt to clean it Gullet will attempt to throw yet more grease. Hm..

The good thing about having grease constantly thrown at you is that we can actually unlock a trophy achievement. (Super Swabbie)

Anyway with Gullet being rather difficult at this point, it would seem that going up these ladders again is not an available option for us right now. So we must work out another way of escaping this hold.


In order to be able to successfully escape the ship’s hold we will need to make use of the nearby mop. It is our duty to clean after all!

From there proceed to clean the chicken grease by the ladders. Gullet will begin throwing more chicken grease, don’t worry just keep cleaning whatever he throws.

After that we can then move on to cleaning the porthole. As we just started cleaning the chicken grease our mop will be covered in the stuff. This is great news, why? Well it means that every time we clean the chicken grease and then move on to the porthole it actually adds the remains of the grease to the porthole. So no, we are not really cleaning the porthole. Not really. As Gullet keeps throwing more grease down, we are technically not cleaning anything.

Keep cleaning the chicken grease and then the porthole until the window is completely covered in grease. From there proceed to place the mop back where you originally found it and take a break, we deserve it.

As we begin our break we can then go ahead and inspect the pamphlet on the table. Guybrush will mention that this pamphlet is an inspirational pamphlet that he should be carrying around with him. Take this pamphlet.

Our last task is to now use the porthole in order to escape the hold. Thanks to the grease that is all over it, this is now a possibility. If it does not work then just keep adding grease.


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