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Join LeChuck’s Crew is one of the main story objectives that you will come across after we have successfully managed to find a ship.

In order to join LeChuck’s Crew we will need to solve a problem with the Quartermaster. Plus we will also have to find and get a mop. We need to complete both of these before we are then allowed to join the crew.

In order to find and get a mop we will need to head to Scumm Bar.

(Note: We can actually unlock the Mop Heist trophy achievement during this section of the game)

(Note: In order to get past the quartermaster we will also need to go and acquire an eyepatch too. Only with both a mop and eyepatch will the quartermaster allow us passage)


After we have spoken with the Quartermaster regarding us trying to join Le Chuck’s crew we will then be tasked with having to go and find a mop. We can actually find a mop over at Scumm Bar.


Head to Scumm Bar which is located over in the harbour district. Here proceed and head into the backroom. Which is technically the kitchen.

In the corner of this kitchen is where we can find and locate the mop. Proceed and ask the cook if you can borrow the mop. Unfortunately the cook will deny us and order us to put the mop back down instead. Hm..

Well we have been denied so what now? We are not allowed to borrow the mop, which is frustrating because he isn’t even using it. The mop is just sitting there in the back corner doing nothing. Okay, well there is nothing we can do here right now. So instead continue on past the miserable cook and we should encounter some string.

Examine the string and we will be able to pick it up.


Now that we have managed to find and get the string from the Scumm Bar kitchen we can then proceed to the International House of Mojo building, which is located in Low Street. It is the building with the strange voodoo sign.

In the Mojo building we should be able to find both the knife and frog. The knife sits on the table, apparently it is a non-magical knife that is still really sharp. Once we have picked up the knife Guybrush will then ask the Voodoo Lady if we can have it and unlike with the cook, she will actually let us take it.

We can also find the frog that we need on the same table as the knife. Guybrush will, at first, question the frog and wonder what exactly it is. To which the Voodoo Lady will tell us that it is a forgiveness frog. The forgiveness frog is used in replace of an apology.


Now that we have both the knife and the forgiveness frog we can then report to Carla over in the Governor Mansion. We will now need to apologize to Carla

In order to actually be able to apologize to Carla we will need to hand her the forgiveness frog that we just collected.

Whilst we are in the room with Carla you should notice that there is a small bookcase behind us. Here we will be able to borrow several books. However, we only really need to take one of them.

What we need to do now is search through this bookcase until we notice the ”Ingredients” by Barbie LeFlay. This is the book in which we need to borrow from Carla. Guybrush will confirm that this specific book is in actual fact a cookbook. After a small brief scene Carla will accept to let us borrow this book.


Return to Scumm Bar and speak with the cook once again. Here we can give the ”Ingredients” By Barbie LeFlay book to the cook (Offer the cookbook)

The cook will then mention that the mystery dish must be located in this cookbook. The cook will then be really happy that we gave him this book and decide to try and cook all of the recipes.

Now we should have the knife still, the one we got at the voodoo building. What we need to do now is to use this knife on the mop (Carve the mop handle). By doing this we will gain a sliver of wood.


Now that we have a sliver of wood our next destination is over in Low Street, to the Wally’s Maps-N-More building. Here give the sliver of wood to Wally.

In exchange for the sliver of wood Wally will agree to make a map for us. This map will be of The Dark Forest.


Now that we have the map of The Dark Forest we can now head there in order to continue on. Here we will need to pay close attention to our new map.

The Dark Forest is a somewhat confusing location with many branched off paths to follow. However, in order to proceed with the quest we will need to make sure we follow the correct route. This route will be marked on our new map.

If you are still struggling then the correct route is as follows: Right, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up. You will know if you went the correct way as the route will lead us to a hedgehog family and a large tree.

Now if we pay attention to this tree, after we adore the hedgehog family (you don’t really need to do that but hedgehogs are adorable so go ahead and do so anyway. Awww) Anyway, on this tree you should notice several things sticking out of it. These things are what we can use as mop handles.

In order to get one of the ‘mop handles’ out of the tree we will need to once again refer to our trusty knife. By combining the knife with the tree we will be able to get one. We will now have a ‘mop handle’.

Now a mop handle is not very effective without an actual mop of some kind. Luckily we managed to pick up some string earlier. So combine this new mop handle with the string. Guybrush will then confirm that he just made a mop.


Now that we have the mop we need we can report back to the Quartermaster. To complete this section of the game.


Join LeChuck’s Crew

Solve Problem: Quartermaster recognizes me and won’t hire me.

Get A Mop


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