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Shadows and Bows is one of the Mickey Friendship Quests. This time Mickey will mention how to to possibly bring back Minnie. That in order to do this it will involve picnics, after all Mickey was thinking of picnics last time Minnie managed to appear.

Apparently Merlin had mentioned that in order to bring back Minnie we need to try and remember her. With that being said he was also able to enchant the Memory Magnet, which is Minnie’s favourite bow.

We will then be tasked with working out what Minnie’s favourite things are. Including what type of clothes she enjoys wearing, Mickey will then notice that the Memory Magnet is reacting and thus begins the actual quest.

PREVIOUS QUEST: Missing Minnie

NEXT QUEST: Memory Magnification


After you have successfully completed the previous quest, Missing Minnie, we can then try to begin and complete this one. This one will involve trying to remember Minnie.

When we speak with Mickey we will be given the Memory Magnet. On top of that we will also be given questions to answer, these questions will be related to figuring out what Minnie enjoys and what her favourite things in life are.

Unless you are a huge Minnie fan, chances are you will not really know the answer to these questions. However, that is why I am here. I can tell you the answers. Though, I don’t think it truly matters if you did get them wrong. Anyway..

Q) Come on; let’s try it together. I remember that Minnie loves wearing…

A) Polka dots!

Q) Lets see…. What else does she love?

A) Flowers!


We will then be tasked with having to speak with our fellow friends in order to find out what their favourite Minnie memory is. This will hopefully resonate more with the Memory Magnet and increase our chances of being able to bring Minnie back.

So go ahead and speak with both Goofy and Scrooge McDuck.

Speaking with Scrooge McDuck and he will mention that Minnie was always a good customer with top-notch taste.

Whilst Goofy’s favourite memory will be when both he and Minnie managed to bake a pie together. That Goofy accidentally brought the wrong ingredients and he became worried about the pie.


After speaking to both Scrooge McDuck and Goofy we can then report back to Mickey, who will be hopeful regarding our progress.

Apparently in order to activate the memories within the Memory Magnet we will need to use Dreamlight. Mickey will then suggest that we take a trip to the Wishing Well.


We will now need to head to the wishing well in order to find the necessary Dreamlight to activate Minnie’s memories.

Once at the wishing well we can then speak to both Mickey and the Minnie ‘mirage’.

The quest will then end as Minnie disappears. Mickey then suggests that he goes and speaks with Merlin in order to find another possible way of bringing her back somehow.


Ask friends for their favourite Minnie memory:

Talk to Goofy

Talk to Scrooge McDuck

Talk To Mickey

Follow Mickey To The Wishing Well At The Town Square!

It’s Minnie! Try Talking To Her.

Let Minnie And Mickey Talk


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