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One of the many available Friendship Quests within Disney Dreamlight Valley is Memory Magnification. This specific quest will allow us to eventually unlock the character Minnie Mouse.

As you would probably expect, this quest will be available whilst speaking with Mickey Mouse. Whilst speaking to him he will tell us that he has managed to come up with a way to get Minnie Mouse back. This will involve having to craft a Dreamlight Magnifier. In order to do this we will need to gather some materials.

The Memory Magnification quest can be unlocked after you have successfully completed Mickey’s other quests and increased his friendship. It will become available after the Shadows and Bows quest.

PREVIOUS QUEST: Shadows and Bows

NEXT QUEST: The Secret Door

After activating this quest our first objective is to go out and gather the required materials, this includes the following; Emerald, Hardwood, and Craft Tinkering Parts

We can find these materials in a variety of different locations including; Peaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor. For some of the other materials we will need to craft for it. Anyway here is what we will need..


We can find the Emerald material by mining from the mining nodes over in the Peaceful Meadow.


For the Hardwood we will need to head to the Forest of Valor. East of the map. Hardwood can then be found on the floor. Near trees and other vegetation


This, as you might expect, cannot be found. Instead in order to create the tinkering parts we will be required to craft it. In order to craft the tinkering parts we will be required to go out and farm for Iron Ore.

Iron Ore can be mined at the Forest of Valor. Here mine the various rocks and walls until we have around 10 or more altogether. We will need the Iron Ore in order to craft and create Iron Ingots. Which take 5 Iron Ore materials to create a single Iron Ingot. We will be required to create at least 4 Iron Ingots in order for this to work.

Now that we have the Iron Ingot crafted we can then craft and create the necessary tinkering parts. It requires a total of 2 Iron Ingots to craft a total of 3 tinkering parts altogether.


Once you have successfully managed to craft and create the necessary materials (Emerald, Hardwood, and Tinkering Parts) we can then craft and create the Dreamlight Magnifier.

Once you have the Dreamlight Magnifier we will then need to go and report to Mickey.


Once we have told Mickey and shown him the Dreamlight Magnifier it will then be time to go and find Minnie.

Minnie will actually be located in the Plaza area, where she will be sort of glowing and invisible. When we speak with her she will mention that she is feeling sleepy and unwell.

We will then need to go and report back to Mickey. Go ahead and hand him the Dreamlight Magnifier to continue on.

We can then begin placing Minnie’s house in the village. It will cost us 5000 coins in order to actually build it.

After the house has been built we will then need to speak to both Mickey and Minnie in order to complete the quest.


Mickey knows how to get Minnie back!

You need to craft a Dreamlight Magnifier if you want to have any chance of getting Minnie back. It’s going to take some work, and you start by gathering the materials for it.

Craft the Dreamlight Magnifier (0/1)

Gather the following items to craft the Dreamlight Magnifier:

Emerald (0/1)

Hardwood (0/2)

Craft Tinkering Parts (0/6)

Talk to Mickey.

Find Minnie in the village

Talk to Mickey

Place Minnie’s House in the Village

She’s here! Go talk to Minnie

Talk to Mickey about what happened to Minnie


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