Disney Dreamlight Valley – List Of Available Goofy Character Quests Guide

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Goofy is one of the many available characters that players can come across during their journey through Disney Dreamlight Valley.

He is actually one of the very first characters that can be discovered, this is mainly due to the fact that he is already present and requires no actual quest in order to unlock him.

One of the key items that we can acquire by completing Goofy’s quests is the fishing rod. This fishing rod will then allow us to fish for materials and other key items that we will be needing throughout the game.

Goofy has a total of 6 Friendship Quests that can be unlocked and completed altogether. In doing so we will increase his friendship.

A list of these quests can be found below..


Fishing Expedition

A Warm Welcome

Photographic Memory

The Mysterious Wreck

Dinner With A Friend

Photo Fervor


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