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Dinner With A Friend is one of the many available Goofy Friendship quests. We can unlock and complete it by speaking with Goofy. It will be available after the The Mysterious Wreck quest.

Upon speaking with Goofy he will tell us that he plans on inviting Mickey over for dinner, however he needs our help to do this. He will then continue to mention that he would like to make a Bouillabaisse with fresh Seafood.

In order to make this recipe we will need ingredients, which includes Scallops, Shrimp, and Clams.

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In order to get these required ingredients we will need to explore the beach. We will need a total of 6 ingredients so here is how we can get them…


In order to find and get shrimp we will need to fish for it.

Anyway make sure to fish in the sea at the Dazzle Beach and you should hopefully manage to catch a shrimp

(Note: Having Maui give you a bonus shrimp will not actually count. You need to fish for the shrimp and get it this way only)


The clams are located on the Dazzle Beach. They are basically the red shells, so that is what you will be looking for.


The scallops are located on the Dazzle Beach. They are basically blue shells, so that is what you will be looking for.


After you have done your fishing for the various seafood we will then need to report back to Goofy. He will then inform us that it actually takes more than seafood to make the recipe that we need.

So our next ingredient will be tomatoes and vegetables.


In order to cook the required recipe of Bouillaboisses we will need to use the recipe book that Goofy gave us, this will then add it to our menu. From there head to the kitchen to begin cooking.

From there add the following ingredients into the hot pot; Shrimp, Tomato, and Carrot. Alternatively you can also use Oyster, Shrimp, Tomato, and Carrot.

Remember we need to cook two of these recipes.


After we have managed to cook both recipes we can then hand them over to Goofy to complete the quest.


Goofy seems to need some help. You decide to talk to him.

In the process of organizing a dinner with Mickey, he needs someone to lend a hand with fishing out some ingredients.

Catch fresh Seafood with Goofy at the Beach:

Shrimp 0/2

Pick up Clams 0/2

Pick up Scallops 0/2

Talk to Goofy

Cook Bouillaboisses 0/2

Bring the Bouillaboisse to Goofy


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