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Another interesting quest that we can find and try to complete is The Mysterious Wreck. This specific quest requires us to find someone who is good at fixing things. This will then lead us to having to speak with Goofy regarding a wrecked raft.

We will then be tasked with having to fetch some material in order to fix this wrecked raft. This material includes; Hardwood, Rope, Clay, and some Iron Ingo.

Upon completion of this specific quest we will manage to unlock the character Ariel from My Little Mermaid.

The Mysterious Wreck is part of the Goofy Friendship Questline.

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We can actually find this wrecked raft to the south of Dazzle Beach, on the small isolated island. The raft is in a bit of a mess and we need to fix it. Our next task is to go and report this to Goofy, who will hopefully help us out.

Before we actually speak to Goofy however, make sure to pick up the nearby shovel first (Mysterious Paddle)

Goofy will assume that the raft must have been washed in by the tide. He will also mention hearing somebody singing.

We will now need to go and find some materials in order to fix the raft.


We can find Hardwood in the Forest of Valor. East of the map. It is usually found near the various trees and vegetation


The Clay is located in the Glade of Trust. Here we simply need to begin digging the ground up. However, we cannot simply dig anywhere and everywhere.

If you keep exploring the Glade of Trust we can find some clay pits. The clay should be found here. However, it is a bit of a rare drop so do try and either be patient or bring a companion with a digging bonus.


In order to get rope we will need to craft it. In order to craft it we will need seaweed.

We can gather seaweed by fishing in the ponds and lakes. However, make sure you do not aim for the ripples. Instead just begin fishing in the ponds away from the ripples. The ripples and bubbles usually indicate fish and everything outside of that represents everything else basically.

Keep fishing outside of the ripples and you should be able to find the seaweed. If you do not then keep trying. Sometimes we will still catch some fish but this method does work. Just be patient.

In order to make rope we will need at least 10 or more seaweed. With the required seaweed we will then need to head to the crafting table.

Once at the crafting table we will then need to craft Fiber. We can make Fiber using the seaweed we just collected. It will take 2 seaweed in order to make a total of 5 Fiber.

Once we have successfully managed to craft the Fiber we can then craft our much needed rope. It takes a total of 8 Fiber in order to craft a single rope.


In order to get Iron Ingot we will need to craft for it. We can use Iron Ore as material in order to create it.

Iron Ore can be found and mined in multiple different areas including; Forest of Valor, Glade of Trust, and the Sunlit Plateau. Simply mine the various rock walls and you should come across the Iron Ore.

Take the collected Iron Ore to a nearby crafting table in order to make the required Iron Ingot. We need a total of 5 Iron Ore to make a single Iron Ingot. This means that we will need a total of 50 Iron Ore altogether to make this work.


Once you have all of the required material we can then proceed and report back to Goofy. Our next task will be to then craft the Raft Repair Kit. Since we already have the materials this should not be a problem.

Speak to Goofy once again and now we will need to put this repair kit to use.


After having successfully completed the quest and repaired the raft we can then go and meet up with Ariel.

In order to do this we simply need to ride the repaired raft to the next island.


You need to find someone who’s good at fixing things:

Talk to Goofy about the Wrecked Raft.

Gather the materials to repair the Wrecked Raft:

Hardwood 0/30

Rope 0/7

Clay 0/25

Iron Ingot 0/10

Talk to Goofy

Craft the Raft Repair Kit at a Crafting Station

Repair the Raft near Skull Rock on Dazzle Beach.

Talk to Goofy


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