Disney Dreamlight Valley – Where To Harvest Basil & Oregano (A Warm Welcome) Guide

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During your journey through Disney Dreamlight Valley you will encounter a quest known as ‘A Warm Welcome‘. This specific quest will be given to us by Goofy. It will be under the ‘Friendship Quests’.

In this quest Goofy will want to share a funny activity with us, which will involve cooking together. This then kickstarts our task of finding and harvesting both the Basil and Oregano ingredients.

This quest is part of the Goofy Friendship Questline. It will be available after having completed the Fishing Expedition quest.

We can find the herbs in the meadow and the plaza areas.

PREVIOUS QUEST: Fishing Expedition

NEXT QUEST: Photographic Memory

Basil25 Coin+100 EnergyPeaceful Meadow
Oregano20 Coin+95 EnergyPlaza


The basil is located around Goofy’s House. Simply go around the meadow and harvest the plants here to start collecting the required ingredient.


The oregano is located in the plaza area, near Merlin and the various golden sign posts and waterfall.

Both of these ingredients can be located in the ‘Collection’ and ‘Ingredients’ menu once you have managed to first discover them. We will need a total of 6 ingredients altogether. This includes 3 Basil and 3 Oregano.

Now that we have the required ingredients collected we can then speak and report to Goofy. This will then allow us to cook and complete the quest.


Goofy wants to share a funny activity with you.

He suggests you should cook together and that gathering some Herbs would be a good place to start

Gather the following Herbs in the Meadow and the Plaza:

Basil (0/3)

Oregano (0/3)

Talk to Goofy

Cook a meal using Basil or Oregano


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