Disney Dreamlight Valley – Where To Find The Royal Tools (The Royal Tools – Merlin) Guide

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The Royal Tools is one of the many available quests within the game. It is in fact one of the very first ones that you can pick up and complete. We can unlock it by finding and speaking with Merlin.

Merlin will then mention something about a Ruler leaving and the Royal Tools then becoming lost, scattered throughout the valley. He will then continue to mention that each of the Royal Tools are filled with ancient and powerful magic.

These Royal Tools, once found, will become very important during later parts of the game. This includes the ability to unlock other parts of the village and ultimately be able to interact with other characters. It is a very important quest to complete so let us get on with it.

Now there is a total of 4 Royal Tools that all need to be accounted for. This includes the Royal Pickaxe, Shovel, Watering Can, and Fishing Rod.


The watering can is mainly used for watering the vegetation, crops, and plants. It can be used by heading into the toolbelt inventory. From there we can then find and use it.

However, in order to be able to do all of that we will first need to find the watering can. We can find it by leaving our house and right next to it is a bunch of thorns. Remove these thorns and we should then be able to find it. It will be on the ground behind the barrel.


The Royal Pickaxe is mainly used to mine for material and to also remove specific obstacles too. One of the materials that we can find using the pickaxe is the Topaz.

We can find the pickaxe by heading into the plaza area. Here remove the thorns and it will be on the pile of rocks.


After we have managed to find and acquire both the pickaxe and watering can we will then want to report back to Merlin. This will then allow us to unlock yet another quest and alongside that, we can also start collecting Dreamlight too.

We can find Merlin by the Dream Castle.


The shovel is mainly used for digging for items and materials that may be found underground. It can also be used to remove any potential obstacles too. Some of the materials that can be found underground includes seeds, coins, and even recipes.

The shovel is also required if you plan on planting seeds and growing crops and vegetation.

We can find this by heading north east of the map, by Remy’s restaurant. Once you reach Remy’s building you should easily be able to spot this shovel, that is currently stuck in the ground.


Just like with all of the other royal tools we can equip this fishing rod by heading into the tool wheel menu. This will then allow us to fish in various different ponds.

In order to actually fish properly we will need to cast our rod into the available pond. From there we wait until a fish gains interest, which will be indicated by several apostrophes that will suddenly appear. This process will then allow us to hook the fish onto the line.

Now in order to reel in the hooked fish, we will then get an outer circle appear. We need to wait until this outer circle moves in and connects to the inner circle, once they meet the circle will then go green. This is our indication that we can now reel in our catch.

In order to find the fishing rod we will have to exit the plaza and use the pickaxe on the nearby rocks. In this area there should be a pond nearby. The pond will be surrounded by thorns and bubbling to represent water. Next to this pond will be the fishing rod.

Grab the fishing rod and find and speak with Goofy. This will then begin a conversation regarding the fishing rod and that the reel wont turn as it is damaged.

It then turns out that this damaged fishing rod that we just found actually belongs to Goofy. We can then give him his fishing rod back. Goofy will be very pleased to have his fishing rod back and in exchange for this we will then get the royal fishing rod that we need.


Once you have managed to collect all of the various royal tools we can then report back to Merlin in order to complete the quest.


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