Disney Dreamlight Valley – Where To Mine For Garnets (Find Garnet Material) Guide

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One of the materials that we can find and mine for are the Garnets. We will need this specific material in order to complete The Shy Little Robot quest. Where the collected Garnet will need to be exchanged for the Fire Extinguisher.

Now in order to begin mining for any material, including the Garnet, we will first need to make sure we have the required royal pickaxe.

Once we are all set we can begin..

Now to find the Garnet material we will need to head to the village. Whilst at the village we should be able to spot an apple tree and potentially some thorns too. Next to all of this is a collection of rocks that we can mine from.

Unfortunately as we continue to mine, there will be occasions where we do not manage to find Garnet. Not all of the mining nodes will contain the right material. So instead we just need to keep trying to find more mining nodes and hopefully have better luck.

The mining nodes are easy enough to find. Simply keep following the walls along. A lot of the nodes are all in the same area. If you have a keen eye you should notice that these nodes are usually a lot lighter in colour compared to the rest of the wall.

Just keep mining these nodes until you have what you need. Then once you do we can then report to Scrooge in order to get the necessary fire extinguisher for WALL-E.


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