Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Repair WALL-E (The Shy Little Robot) Guide

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Wall-E is another character that you will come across within Disney Dreamlight Valley. They will appear in a realm quest known as The Shy Little Robot.

Head to WALL-E’s Realm in order to find WALL-E. Here we will get a short scene involving WALL-E, who will be scared and run off. In order to bring him out of hiding we will need to complete multiple tasks first.

Once you have successfully completed The Shy Little Robot quest we will then have WALL-E unlocked, he will then return with us back to the valley.

The first task that we will need to do in order to complete this quest is to find a fridge handle. We need this handle in order to repair WALL-E’s broken track.

The fridge handle can be found randomly within the ground, so begin digging around looking for it. Then once you have successfully managed to find it we will then need to use it on the nearby fridge that is half buried in the ground.

Inside this fridge (storage) will be the tracks that is required to help fix WALL-E. Give it to him and you will progress on. Though, he doesn’t fully trust us, not yet.

Now that WALL-E has been fixed we will now discover that this little robot is planning on cleaning up the earth and wants our help in doing this. Our job is to turn the nearby trash into stackable cubes. In order to do this we will need access to the Crafting Station.

Interact with the nearby Crafting Station and you will find the Trash Cube under the Functional Items menu. We will need to gather Useless Trash. We will need to collect a total of 10 Useless Trash in order to make a single Trash Cube. Once you have successfully created your Trash Cubes we can then give them to WALL-E.

We will then be given dialogue options to choose from, select the following ‘Strangely Beautiful’ and ‘Piles of Trash’. WALL-E will then tell us that he wants us to go ahead and create more plants. We will then be given some seeds to plant. Plant the seeds and then water the plants

Speak with WALL-E and try to convince him to come back with you. Unfortunately he is still reluctant. We will now need to go and speak with Merlin to find out how we can continue to help WALL-E.

Speak with Merlin and then we will be told to seek out Scrooge McDuck. Upon speaking with Scrooge we will be able to trade for a Fire Extinguisher. However, first we will need to mine for Garnets. Garnets have a chance to drop from Mining Rocks found in the village. In order to first mine for the Garnets we will need to acquire the royal pickaxe

Our next gift that we can get for WALL-E is a bouncy ball from Mickey. Which we can find at Mickey’s House.

Speaking with Goofy we will get told of a boot that was fished out of the water, the boot apparently has a plant growing in it. Goofy is a bit reluctant in letting go of this boot. Unfortunately we need it and the only way we can get it is if we go and fish for the other matching boot.

Just outside of Goofy’s House is a small pond that we can fish from, go ahead and do so. It might take a bit of time but if we continue to fish we should manage fish out the required boot.

Once you have all of the required items (Fire Extinguisher, Bouncy Ball, and Sprout Boot) we can then return back to WALL-E.

WALL-E will finally agree to come back with us. However, in order to make him feel more comfortable we will need to place his House in the village.

In order to build and setup the house for WALL-E we will be required to spend a total of 2000 Dreamlight Valley Stars.

Setting up the house will complete this quest and have WALL-E added to the village.


This realm has a shy little robot. You’ll need to gain his trust.

You’ve met WALL-E, a little robot with a broken track. You decide to help him replace it.

WALL-E is cleaning up the Earth. To gain his friendship, you decide to do the same.

Explore WALL-E Realm

You found WALL-E’s Track! Go bring it to him

Use the Crafting Station to craft some Trash Cubes

Bring the Trash Cubes to WALL-E

Plant WALL-E’s Special Seeds and help them grow in the Realm.

Beautiful. Go see what WALL-E thinks

Ask Merlin for help with WALL-E.

Talk to Scrooge McDuck

Mine for Garnets around the Village 0/2

Talk to Mickey and Goofy.

Collect the ball inside Mickey’s House

Fish the Sprout Boot from one of the Meadow’s Ponds.

You found everything! Bring the items to WALL-E

Make sure WALL-E is comfortable in the Village by placing his House.


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