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One of the story quests that you will come across within Disney Dreamlight Valley is ‘With Great Power’. This quest can be obtained by speaking with Ursula, who is at Dazzle Beach.

We can find Ursula during the previous quest entitled ‘Friendship Is Everything’ which can be unlocked by speaking with Merlin.

Upon speaking with Ursula we will find out that she was trapped inside the cave, left alone and isolated. She now wants us to free her. In order to actually do this we will need to break the spell that keeps her trapped inside the cave.

After we are done speaking with Ursula we can then find and speak with Merlin. Here we can find out more about Ursula and the cursed cave known as the Mystical Cave. Which is apparently a source of great power.

We will now need to use Ursula’s Crystal Key in order to access the Mystical Cave. The entrance to which is on Dazzle Beach.

As soon as we begin to explore this Mystical Cave we will suddenly come across one of the many puzzles. This puzzle involves a magic gate and some statues.

When we interact with the pedestal by these statues we will get a message which reads the following; Provide the gem that matches best to continue on your hero’s quest

Our job now is to place a specific gem on the statues. We will first need to find this gem and work out which one we actually need.

In truth it shouldn’t be that difficult to work out which statue needs what gem. If you look closely at these statues you should notice that they are colour coded and for good reason. Here we will have a blue, red, and a green statue.

Now our other clue is on the pedestal. This pedestal mentions a gem that matches best. Meaning we are looking for a coloured gem. There are several gems that we can find but we only need the correct matching ones. So with that said we should now know what needs to be done.

We will need the following gems…


The aquamarine gem can be found by mining the mineral veins in both Dazzle Beach and The Forest of Valor.


The peridot gem can be found by mining the mineral nodes in both Dazzle Beach and Peaceful Meadow.


The red garnet gems are located by mining the mineral nodes in both the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow.


After you have managed to collect all of these gems be sure to then insert them into the correct statues. This will then remove the magical barrier and allow us to descend further into the cave.

This will then take us to our next and second magical gate barrier puzzle within the cave.


As we continue to descend into the Mystical Cave we will come across our second gate barrier. This time it involves having to go and find seeds and bring them back here.

Again we will have 3 statues to inspect and yet another pedestal to read for more hints and clues. This time the pedestal reads the following; Discover the right crops to grow to continue on below. One is underground, the other gold and brown. What remains is red and round.

Basically we will need the following seeds…


We can find the tomato seed over in Dazzle Beach. Here we can purchase them from the shop stall for 8 coin.


Both the carrot and wheat seed can be either found or purchased at the Peaceful Meadow or Plaza areas. You will need to upgrade the shop stall if you plan on purchasing the seeds. The upgrade will cost a total of 1,000 coin. From there we can then purchase what we need.

The wheat seed will cost only a single coin. Whilst the carrot seed will be on sale for 10 coin.


When you have the required seeds we will then need to return back to the cave. From there we will need to determine which statue needs which seeds. Use the pedestal to work it out.

Basically the first statue on the left needs the tomato seed. The middle statue needs the carrot seed. Finally the one on the far right will want the wheat seed.

With all of the seeds now having been planted our next job is to wait until the seeds sprout and grow.. oh joy.. Go and get yourself a cup of tea or some scones or something… (Note: Do not forget to water your seeds. Otherwise we might be waiting all day)

To be honest we will most likely need to wait around 13-15 minutes before the seeds are ready to sprout.


After you have successfully planted all of the required seeds, remembered to water and have, of course, waited until the seeds have managed to sprout and grow we can then continue.

We will now be able to collect our planted goods, which will of course be a carrot, wheat, and tomato.

The magical barrier should now automatically disappear, allowing us to continue on with more important issues.


After solving the planted seed conundrum we will then encounter our last riddle. This time the pedestal reads the following; The final riddle, let it be known: to cook and eat what you have grown

Okay so basically for this one we will have to use the nearby cooking equipment in order to begin making some delicious food.

The hint for this is cook and eat what you have grown. So basically we need to use what we obtained earlier with the seeds, so a carrot, wheat, and tomato.

Using all of these required ingredients should give us the Veggie Pasta meal. Which we will now need to eat, as it is part of the riddle to do so.


Once the final magical barrier has successfully been removed we can then continue to descend even deeper into the cave.

Once we reach the dead end we will then be tasked to fish out the orb of power. If you know how to actually do fishing in this game then you should have no problem with this.

The bubble in the water indicates what you want to be aiming the fishing rod at. From there you simply wait until you catch something.

Once you have your target hooked we will then get an outer circle. Wait for this circle to close in and the target should turn green. When this happens quickly reel in your prize!


Once you have the Orb of Power we can then leave the cave altogether. Make your way back to the beach.

Once at the beach we can then find the pillar that is currently engulfed in black darkness. Inspect it and place the orb in order to remove the curse and free Ursula.

Speak with Ursula to complete the quest.


Merlin needs to tell you about something important.

Merlin and some other Villagers fear the Forgetting in happening again. Dreamlight Valley’s fate lies in the Sea Witch’s hands.

You promise to free Ursula from her cave in exchange for information. If you want to stop what’s happening, you need to find the Orb of Power in a secret cavern locked by a key she gives you.

Finding out how to open the cave was the easy part. Inside, you discover a series of vexing riddles.

Talk to Merlin

Place Ursula’s Crystal Key in a device near the locked entrance to a cave on Dazzle Beach

Explore the Mystical Cave

Find a way to remove the first Magic Gate in the Mystical Cave.

Find a way to remove the second Magic Gate in the Mystical Cave.

Find a way to remove the third Magic Gate in the Mystical Cave.

Fish the Orb of Power out of the water in the Mystical Cave.

Place the Orb of Power in the Pillar

Go back to Ursula


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