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Missing Minnie is more of a tearful quest for us to undertake. This time it involves speaking with Mickey who admits that he is missing Minnie.

Mickey hopes that one day he gets to be reunited with Minnie. However, for now, in her honour he decides to have a picnic. It was apparently one of her favourite things to do.

We will then be tasked with having to cook the following meals: Fish Sandwiches and Crudites

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In order to, of course, cook a meal we will need to find a cooker. There is one in Mickey’s House. However, what good is cooking a meal when we do not really know the recipe? What ingredients do we need you might be wondering?

Fish SandwichesFish, Wheat


In order to cook Fish Sandwiches all you will need to do is head to a cooker and our ingredients will be fish and wheat. This can be any fish, it does not matter which.

We can get fish by fishing the village ponds. Whereas wheat is a little more trickier.

In order to get wheat we will have to plant Wheat Seeds, this will then allow us to grow our own wheat. Wheat Seeds can also be found by removing thorns, digging holes, breaking rocks, and we can even get them from other characters, such as and including Goofy.

Later on in the game we will then get the opportunity to purchase wheat seeds from the village shop stall, after we have upgraded it for 1,000 coins. From there the Wheat Seeds will be available to purchase for one single coin.


In order to create the recipe for crudites all we need to use is a single carrot. That is all, nothing more. Simple!

In order to find carrots we can purchase Carrot Seeds from the village shop stall (Peaceful Meadow) after we have successfully upgraded it for 1,000 coins. Similarly to getting the Wheat Seeds, which also become available at the shop stall after it has been upgraded. By using the Carrot Seeds we can then grow our own carrots. A single Carrot Seed will give us a single carrot. It takes roughly 15 minutes for it to grow.


As a bonus we can also try to get each dish up to a 3-star meal standard. Remember that we will need to create 2 Fish Sandwiches and 5 Crudites. So a total of 7 dishes altogether. Make sure that you have enough ingredients.

After we have all of the required food dishes we can then give them to Mickey. Who will then want us to follow him to the picnic location.

After yet more dialogue this will then complete the quest.


Cook the following meals for the picnic –

Fish Sandwiches 0/2

Crudites 0/5

Bring the meals to Mickey.

Follow Mickey to the picnic location in the Peaceful Meadow.


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