Return To Monkey Island – Mop Heist (Steal The Cook’s Mop) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Mop Heist is a relatively easy to unlock trophy achievement. It is one that we can unlock during part 2 of Return to Monkey Island.

In order to be able to unlock Mop Heist we will need to attempt to steal the cook’s mop. This opportunity will be available to us when our main objective tasks us with having to Join LeChuck’s Crew.

During this section the Quartermaster of LeChuck’s crew will refuse to let us join them without first acquiring a mop.


Okay so the task in order to unlock the Mop Heist trophy achievement is to go and find a mop that we can attempt to steal.

However, before we can actually find this mop we have a few errands to complete first. Our first errand is to go and find a forgiveness frog.

We can actually find this forgiveness frog over at the International House of Mojo, which is the big voodoo building over in Low Street. Here the frog will be located on a nearby table. Alongside the knife.


Now make your way over to the Governor Mansion in order to find and speak with Carla, we have some apologizing to do. Now give Carla the forgiveness frog in order to apologize to her.

After we are done apologizing we can then go ahead and inspect the small bookcase behind us. Here there will be several books that we can borrow, one of which is ”Ingredients” by Barbie LeFlay. Go ahead and borrow this book. It is actually a cookbook.


Now make your way to the Scumm Bar over in the harbour area. The continue on into the backroom, which is actually the kitchen. In here we will find both the cook and the mop.

Now if we came in here earlier the cook will not allow us to take the mop or even touch it, meaning we cannot do this without getting the cookbook first.

However, since we do have the cookbook we can then proceed and give it to the cook. The cook will then be delighted with it and will be eager to begin making all of the different recipes.

It is at this point where we can actually attempt to steal the mop, so go ahead and do so. Try and leave the Scumm Bar with the mop in order to unlock the Mop Heist trophy achievement.


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