Return To Monkey Island – Cartography (Examined Wally’s Stock) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Cartography is another one of the unlockable trophies and achievements. We can actually get this one during part two of Return To Monkey Island.

Cartography requires us to fully examine Wally’s stock. This means we need to unlock all of her wears and items within her shop.

We can gain entry into Wally’s shop after the main story objective tasks us with trying to get on the ship. From there we will find the shop located in Low Street. Wally’s shop is actually known as Wally’s Maps-N-More. It is opposite the voodoo building.


Head to Wally’s shop over in Low Street and here we can begin searching and examining all of Wally’s stock. This includes all of the items within her store.

Now we can go around the store and just randomly click on everything, this could work. However, unless you know where everything is then doing this method, is most likely going to take some time. Wally actually has quite a lot of items and interactable items for us to find

So save yourself some time and lets highlight everything within the room that could be of interest. We can do this by using the Tab button.

Once you press the Tab button everything will be highlighted and basically we will now need to go around and inspect everything that has now been highlighted. This includes boxes, window ladders, maps, and more. There should be around 20 interactable items altogether.

When you have interacted and found all of the available items the Cartography trophy achievement will then pop


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