Return To Monkey Island – How To Get The Eyepatch (LeChuck’s Crew) Guide

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Following on from our objective to go and find a mop we will then be tasked with having to go and get an eyepatch.

In order to get an eyepatch we will need to first go and find some monocles, two of them in fact. By using these monocles we will be able to find a number. This number will then allow us to have a key created for us. This key will then allow us to find the necessary eyepatch that we need. Sounds simple, right?

Once we have both the eyepatch and mop we will then be able to get past the Quartermaster and join LeChuck’s crew.

Okay let us begin..


After speaking with the Quartermaster regarding joining LeChuck’s crew we will find out that we will need to find both a mop and an eyepatch.

In order to get an eyepatch we will be required to go and find some monocles, two of them in fact. Both of which are actually located in the same location, which helps.

In order to get these monocles we will need to travel to the Low Streets and make our way over to Wally’s Maps-N-More.

Once inside the store we should then be able to find a box of monocles on the table. Simply inspect them in order to take one. That is one collected, now lets get the other monocle.

In order to get the second monocle we will first need to travel to the Museum, where we can find a locked display case. This display case will actually have some numbers engraved on to it. So let us try and read these numbers shall we?

We can try to figure out what these numbers are by using the monocle that we just picked up (Magnify the tiny numbers). Guybrush will then mention that these numbers are too tiny to read. Oh well, guess the only solution to this is to go and get yet another monocle.

Return back to the Wally’s Maps-N-More building and lets go and collect our second monocle. Wally will be fine with us taking one and as Guybrush mentions we will need one for each eye.


Now that we have two of the required monocles we will then be able to return back to the museum. However, before we actually go ahead and inspect the locked cabinet we will need to make sure that we combine both of the monocles. This will give us a double monocle.

Using the double monocle we will then be able to uncover the engraved numbers on the locked cabinet. Great! That is the numbers collected, now what to do with them..

Our next destination is over at the High Streets and, more specifically, the Locksmith. Here give the note with the numbers written on over to the Locksmith, who will then agree to make a key using these numbers.

Once we have this key do not leave the store just yet. Instead make sure to collect some crackers first. These crackers are by the door and they look appetizing, so pick some up before leaving. Actually we need to use them elsewhere, but they do look nice.


Return back to the museum, if you remember, we actually saw a parrot here. This parrot was actually next to the locked cabinet. Give the crackers to the parrot in order to distract it. Trying to do this without the crackers will result in the parrot being alarmed. Something that we could do without.

With the parrot now being distracted with its crackers, we can then proceed and use the display case key on the actual display case. Inside the display case will actually be our eyepatch that we need.

Now before we return back to the Quartermaster we will first need to go to Low Street, once again. This time we want to find the International House of Mojo, which is basically the voodoo store opposite Wally’s store.

Here let the voodoo lady inspect the eyepatch for us. This will then allow us passage into LeChuck’s crew.


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