Return To Monkey Island – Super Swabbie (Swabbed The Hold) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Super Swabbie is one of the many trophies and achievements that can be unlocked within Return To Monkey Island. It requires you to swab the hold twenty times. Sound easy right?

We can begin this one whilst we are exploring The Hold during part 2 of the game. Here we will come across a large green ghost chicken.

This section of the game will also occur after we have managed to successfully convince the quartermaster into letting us join LeChuck’s crew.


The hold is a location within LeChuck’s ship. It is where we will encounter the ghost ship and be tasked with having to swabbing the area before then having to clean the surrounding areas.

As we inspect the hold we will most likely encounter a patch of chicken grease at the bottom of the ladder. Which will look tempting to clean up and it may seem like its part of our duties. However, every time we try to clean this chicken grease Gullet will then hurl another globule. Making it rather pointless.

This will then lead us to having to find a successful way out of the ship’s hold. However, before we actually attempt to do this there is a trophy achievement that we can pick up. Super Swabbie


In order to unlock this specific trophy achievement we will, of course, need to be in the ship’s hold. Whilst we are down here you should be able to spot the mop. Which will be to the right of the screen, by the bucket.

Go ahead and interact with the mop in order to begin our swabbie duties. Our goal here is to keep trying to clean the chicken grease. Now, as previously mentioned, Gullet will continue to throw globule at you every time you do. Ignore this and just keep cleaning up the grease. Keep cleaning until the trophy achievement pops! Nuts.


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