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A new Assassins Creed Valhalla update has arrived and with it comes new and exciting locations and collectibles. New collectibles such as Togodomnus artifact and Bearded Axe

Both Togodomnus artifact and Bearded Axe come as a new addition to Assassins Creed Valhalla, it comes as part of update 1.6.1. It can be found whilst exploring the Tombs of the Fallen.

In order to reach the Tombs of the Fallen you will need to progress the story until you reach England. From there build your settlement and we will then be able to explore the Tombs of the Fallen.

In this guide we will show you how to find Togodomnus Tomb Artifact and Bearded Axe


In order to find Togodomnus’s Tomb we will need to travel south of England to Suthsexe. Then head left of Brimclif Monastery to find a glyph symbol on a wall. It will be near the ocean sea. Interact with this in order to unlock the secret passage into Togodomnus’s tomb.


When you first enter the tomb continue to follow the linear path, then descend on to the ground below. As Eivor mentions, we will now need to dive into the nearby water. So go ahead and do so.

Continue swimming and then climb back out at the other end. Head left and destroy the wooden barricade. Here we will find more water, lets dive in!

Whilst under water we will come across a timeworn pulley, hit it in order to activate it. Swim through the doorway, being careful of the nearby spikes. Keep swimming and a scene will occur.

Once the scene ends we will then want to continue swimming, heading to the left and through the tunnel here. Dive back under in order to find another pulley, activate it. This will open the gate behind us.

Keep swimming through the under water tunnel and we should come across another pulley, activate it. This will cause the nearby cage to raise and give us another passage to explore. Head through the new passage.

Eivor will then mention moving platforms. In order to continue we will need to turn around and head onto the small platform here. From there get out your bow and aim towards the mechanism on the ceiling, this will continue to raise the cage in the water. Essentially the moving platforms.

Use the moving cage to jump over the spike trap. Then continue swimming north, into a large room. Here climb the platform out of the water.

Climb over the many obstacles and lifts and then make a jump onto the ledge, where we can find a lever that we can use. This lever will then reveal a ball. Make sure to grab it.

Backtrack just a little bit but remain in the same room. Head up the wooden ramp and look right to find more water. Under this water is a red mechanism, use your bow to activate it. This will raise another platform or lift.

Use the lift to jump on over to the next platform, where we will find a stone pedestal that we can move. Push this stone pedestal out of its current position. It will now be in the room with the ball. However, more importantly it will also be in the room with the previous lift platform. Place this stone pedestal on to this platform. The platform will then begin to descend.

From there pick up the ball once again. Then jump on to the cage and make your way to the next area, using the pole.

Remember to bring the ball and then drop down on to the ground below. Here we will find another moving platform lift, place the nearby rock pillar on to this lift. Then push the pedestal so that you can climb it and jump over into the next area.

Here look up to find a mechanism that requires our bow. From there climb the nearby moving platforms and destroy the wooden barricade to reveal a new passageway. In this passageway we will find a key that we will need. Very important.

They key that we just collected will need to be used on the door in this room, this will then unlock the door and allow us to progress on. On the other side of this door will be another pedestal that we will need to make use of.

Move this pedestal on to the moving platform, this will then raise the other platform lift. We then need to head back to the other side once again. We can use the unlocked door to reach it.

Now move this pedestal off the moving platform and then grab the ball that you left earlier. This will then allow us to jump on to the platform life with the ball and jump into the next area. To the ledge above. Head through the following door and into a much more open area.

In this open room make sure to place the ball into the square platform on the floor. We now need to find another ball in order to place it into the next square platform. Okay so lets go find it!.

Head to the other side of the area, past the next square platform, then dive back into the water once again. Swim through the cave tunnel here. Then at the dead end begin diving under water to find a pulley, attack it to activate it. This will raise the lift platform and allow us to continue swimming on.

Here there will be several wooden crates, all of which have pulleys inside. Destroy them and the pulleys. This will raise the platforms for us. Keep swimming on and destroy the wooden barricade.

In this area there will be a wooden cage, inside this cage is a red mechanism, destroy it using your bow. Then continue on and drive into the water in this next area. Swim and proceed under the platform.

Use the platform in this area as a platform to find another red mechanism for us to destroy.

Activating this last red mechanism will begin lowering the platform. Now use the following platforms to find and reach another lever. This lever will reveal our next ball. Make sure to grab it.

Backtrack now to where the last red mechanism was and continue on. This seems like a dead end, though in reality, it is not. Turn around and look up to find some wooden boxes and a mechanism for us to use our bow on. Doing this will lower our next platform.

Throw the ball on to this next ledge and then climb and it yourself and proceed on. We will be back in the large open room again. Proceed and place the ball into the square platform like we did before.

Now we need to head north of the door that we are currently trying to open. Dive into the water and find and climb the ladder. This tunnel that we need to head through is actually blocked by a platform lift. So head on top of this platform and then we can make our way through the tunnel.

Continue swimming and then make your way back out again at the other side. Climb up the wall and we will find an explosive. Use the explosive on the nearby wall to reveal our next passageway.

Continuing on we will then come across another breakable wall on the left, again use an explosive to unblock our passage. From there destroy the next door using your bow and then head up the ladder. Here we will find our next pedestal. Ignore it for now and destroy the door behind it.

Now we can push the pedestal, move the pedestal on to the platform lift below. Return to the previous room and grab an explosive. Take the explosive up the small flight of steps and around the corner to a wooden barricade. Destroy the barricade.

After destroying the wooden barricade we will then need to use the explosive on the breakable wall behind it. If you fail to break it we can find more explosives behind the blue curtain to the left. Yes the curtain is hiding a secret passageway

In this next area push the pedestal on to the platform lift in order to raise the lift next to it. Use the raising platform to reach the ledge above. Here we will find another explosive. Use this explosive on the breakable wall next to the lowered platform.

Dive into the water and swim through the corridors and passageways. At the end of this passage there will be another key for us to collect (Lost Key)

Backtrack to the previous room with the wooden barricade that we destroyed and the blue curtain. Here we will find the door where we can use the key we just picked up. In here is a pedestal that we need to use. Destroy the door before we do anything else first.

Now push the pedestal around and through the door we found earlier, just past the set of ladders. Push it through the door and there will be a square platform to the left, push the pedestal on to this. Now turn around and head right to find the mechanism to the lift. Activate this in order to ride to a higher platform. Use the next mechanism here.

From there jump down to the ground below and then into the water. From there swim into the tunnel on the right. Climb up and out again and we will come across our next pedestal. Push this one on to the square platform here. The door to Togodomnus’s tomb will now open.

Proceed to the tomb for a scene involving Togodomnus. Then after the scene go ahead and collect the Bearded Axe from the treasure chest


From the treasure chest containing the Bearded Axe we will then want to continue through the stone cave, towards a waterfall. Dive into the water.

Swim through the under water passageway. Here we will find a stone statue, who will be holding this artifact.


A hefty bearded axe particularly suited to one-on-one combat, wielded by the great Togodomnus in the battle that claimed his life.

Increase attack when equipped. Bonus is tripled when in combat against a single enemy.

ATK: 96

STUN: 147

WGT: 8

SPD: 54




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