Bayonetta 3 – All Bewitchments (Chapter 12 – The Edge Of Madness)

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Throughout the various mission chapters within Bayonetta 3 you will stumble across several unlockable challenges. These challenges are optional and there are usually 5 of them within each chapter. Unfortunately though it is not clearly evident as to what these challenges are, and what they consist of until you have at least completed the chapter once.

These challenges are known as Bewitchments. They usually feature all kinds of optional requirements. Some of which include having to destroy certain objects, find a way to climb the highest and tallest buildings, eliminate certain foes without the use of specific equipment and abilities. These requirements range in both variety and difficulty.

For the purpose of this guide we will be focusing on the Betwitchment challenges that can be found within the Chapter 12 – The Edge Of Madness mission chapter.

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BEWITCHMENT: Destroy 5 Buses
VERSE: Verse 2
GUIDE: As soon as the chapter begins you will notice a bus right next to you. Destroy a total of 5 of these buses to earn yourself this one.

BEWITCHMENT: Defeat All Enemies In The Underground Tunnel
VERSE: Verse 6
GUIDE: As we continue through the chapter we will eventually reach an underground section that is filled with enemy opponents. Defeat all of them to claim this next one

BEWITCHMENT: Knock Down A Helicopter While Riding Gomorrah
VERSE: Verse 7
GUIDE: Whilst riding around as Gommorah we will be attacked by the corrupted military officers. This includes soldiers, tanks, and of course, helicopters. Target and eliminate a helicopter.

BEWITCHMENT: Defeat This World’s Bayonetta With The Umbran Clock Tower Equipped
VERSE: Verse 8
GUIDE: Whilst fighting this world’s Bayonetta (the character with the Mictlantecuhtli) be sure to equip the Umbran Clock Tower summon and use it defeat and win the fight.

BEWITCHMENT: Finish Baal Zebul’s Performance Without Taking Damage
VERSE: Verse 9
GUIDE: This one requires some time and patience. If you are good at rhythm and music style games then perhaps this one won’t be too bad. Otherwise just keep at it.


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