Bayonetta 3 – All Collectibles (Chapter 11 – A Familiar Dance)

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Bayonetta 3 has a lot of collectibles that can be found throughout the game. These collectible usually include Medallion Shards, Figure BoxesCard Packs, Treasure ChestsUmbran TearsEcho Of MemoriesChallenges, and more…

Finding and collecting them all can be quite a challenge in itself. Many are hidden behind hard to reach locations or require you to complete rather frustrating and difficult objectives. Still if you do manage to collect them all, it can be somewhat satisfying too.

Some of these collectibles are also added to the Gallery menu that becomes unlocked after completing the first chapter mission. These include artwork, character models, and more.

Anyway for the purpose of this guide we will be focusing on the collectibles that can be found within Chapter 11 – A Familiar Dance

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COLLECTABLE: Figure Box #1
VERSE: Verse 1
GUIDE: From the start of the chapter simply continue to follow the path. You will eventually arrive at a section of fallen rubble and rocks. The figure box is here.

COLLECTABLE: Heavenly Light #1
VERSE: Verse 2
GUIDE: Head around the corner from the previous collectible and head left to find the Heavenly Light.

VERSE: Verse 2
GUIDE: Remain in this area and search for a bus that is sitting next to a building. Between both the bus and building is our card pack.

VERSE: Verse 2
GUIDE: Locate another bus within the area and this card pack will be sitting beside it.

VERSE: Verse 2
GUIDE: This Umbran Crow is perched next to the tree. Near the bus with the last collectible. There is no real trick to claiming this one. Though it is perhaps recommended to switch to the Demon Masquerade form.

VERSE: Verse 2
GUIDE: Head to the underground parking area and be sure to light up the surrounding area using Mictlantecuhtli. The Umbran Toad is located on a platform in the middle of this area.

VERSE: Verse 2
GUIDE: Remain in this dark underground parking area and this time head to the left side of the area. Here we can find a vent. The record is in here. (Here we can also collect a Bewitchment too)

COLLECTABLE: Broken Witch Heart #1
VERSE: Verse 2
GUIDE: In the area with the Gates of Hell shop turn and head left to find a treasure box. Destroy it to reveal several moving platforms.

Follow these platforms to yet another box. This treasure box will reveal a summoning circle. Summon a flying demon, preferably Mictlantecuhtli. Have it destroy the other incoming treasure box. This one will reveal our ‘broken witch heart’

COLLECTABLE: Echoes Of Memory #1
VERSE: Verse 2
GUIDE: In the distance from these moving platforms is our Echoes Of Memory bubble. Use Madame Butterfly to reach it. Either that or Demon Masquerade.

COLLECTABLE: Broken Moon Pearl #1
VERSE: Verse 2
GUIDE: To the left of the previous collectible and at the dead end road there will be a challenge portal.

VERSE: Verse 2
GUIDE: From the challenge portal turn your attention towards the window. The cat resides on the balcony drapes. Be careful though as these drapes do have a habit of collapsing.

COLLECTABLE: Broken Witch Heart #2
VERSE: Verse 5
GUIDE: There is a challenge portal hiding behind a breakable shutter door. To find it simply continue on as normal and stick to the left side of the street. Search for a parked red vehicle.

COLLECTABLE: Broken Witch Heart #3
VERSE: Verse 5
GUIDE: Use the nearby Congestus to manipulate time. Our goal is to rewind and control time in order to fix the nearby damaged statue. This statue will then reveal our next collectible. However, we will need to use the affinity demons as stepping stones to reach it.

COLLECTABLE: Figure Box #2
VERSE: Verse 7
GUIDE: After completing a few more story related fights. We will then find ourselves in a circled area surrounded by vehicles. Continue on as normal. As you do so keep an eye to the right. The collectible sits on top of one of the ruins.

COLLECTABLE: Broken Moon Pearl #2
VERSE: Verse 9
GUIDE: Whilst flying around as Mictlantecuhtli you will come across this one. It is shortly after passing through the first dark cave.

COLLECTABLE: Heavenly Light #2
VERSE: Verse 9
GUIDE: In the second dark cave and close to the end of this said cave, here we will find our Heavenly Light.


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