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Bayonetta has quite a few interesting collectibles and secrets that players can discover. These include the Witches’ Resting Places (Treasure Tombs), Alfheim PortalsAntonio’s Notes, and Golden LPs

Getting and finding all of these will net you with the following trophies and achievements; Treasure Collector, Treasure FanaticThe Path to the HeavensAngel May CryAngel SlayerRecord FanaticRecord Collector, and Truth in its Purest Form

This specific page will be showing the locations to all of these collectibles that can be found during Chapter 10 – Paradiso: A Sea of Stars. This chapter has a total of 5 Resting Places, 0 Antonio Notes, 0 Golden LP, and 2 Alfheim Portal. That is a total of 7 collectibles that can be found during this chapter

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COLLECTIBLE: Resting Place (Treasure Tomb)
GUIDE: During verse 2 we will be required to destroy various walls in order to reveal gears for the middle mechanism. In this same area there will be an archway.

The treasure tomb is currently sitting on top of this archway.

COLLECTIBLE: Resting Place (Treasure Tomb)
GUIDE: Now that the mechanism is active we will then want to interact and turn it left once. This will then open up a new path for us to explore. This new path will lead to the treasure tomb

COLLECTIBLE: Alfheim Portal (Use Wicked Weaves! – Defeat all the angels before time expires! Enemies can be defeated using Wicked Weaves Attacks!)
GUIDE: This portal is in the same location as the previous treasure tomb.

COLLECTIBLE: Resting Place (Treasure Tomb)
GUIDE: As we continue through the chapter we will come across the Kinships once again, defeat them. Then use their remains to reach a golden platform where we can find a treasure tomb.

COLLECTIBLE: Resting Place (Treasure Tomb)
GUIDE: From the previous treasure tomb there will be another golden platform for us to travel to. In order to reach it we will need to combine both Panther and Crow Within abilities.

COLLECTIBLE: Resting Place (Treasure Tomb)
GUIDE: After the scene involving both Cereza and Luka we will then find ourselves in a passageway full of spike traps.

Navigate your way through these spike traps and keep going until you reach the portal to the Gates of Hell. Destroy the wall next to the portal to reveal a new area.

We will now need to travel to this new area, we can do this by taking advantage of the Panther Within ability.

COLLECTIBLE: Alfheim Portal (Use Angel Arms! – Defeat all the angels before time expires using only Angel Arms!)
GUIDE: From the Gates of Hell portal we will now need to backtrack through the spike trap and tentacle section once again. A new Alfheim portal will have now appeared.

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