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Bayonetta has quite a few interesting collectibles and secrets that players can discover. These include the Witches’ Resting Places (Treasure Tombs), Alfheim PortalsAntonio’s Notes, and Golden LPs

Getting and finding all of these will net you with the following trophies and achievements; Treasure Collector, Treasure FanaticThe Path to the HeavensAngel May CryAngel SlayerRecord FanaticRecord Collector, and Truth in its Purest Form

This specific page will be showing the locations to all of these collectibles that can be found during Chapter 12 – The Broken Sky. This chapter has a total of 4 Resting Places, 3 Antonio Notes, 0 Golden LP, and 2 Alfheim Portal. That is a total of 9 collectibles that can be found during this chapter

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COLLECTIBLE: Resting Place (Treasure Tomb)
GUIDE: At the start of the chapter we will need to hop down to the path on the bottom right.

COLLECTIBLE: Resting Place (Treasure Tomb)
GUIDE: Continue through the area and you should be able to find this one. It will be guarded by several Affinities.

COLLECTIBLE: Resting Place (Treasure Tomb)
GUIDE: At the start of the chapter there should be a doorway on the left, destroy the doors to find this one.

COLLECTIBLE: The Valkyrie Military Transport
GUIDE: Just before we leave the starting location there will be a set of notes by the exit doors.

COLLECTIBLE: Gjallarhorn Defense Initiative.
GUIDE: After almost falling out of the plane during verse 2, this will then be a reward for having completed the following battle. It is an easy one to spot.

COLLECTIBLE: Resting Place (Treasure Tomb)
GUIDE: Now staying in the same area, make your way to the open hatch and you should spot some ladders. Climb the ladders.

At the top will be a treasure tomb.

COLLECTIBLE: Alfheim Portal (Out-Of-Body Battle – Defeat all the angels before time expires! You must be out-of-body to defeat the enemies!)
GUIDE: Backtrack all the way back to the starting location and eliminate the new enemies here, this will then unlock a new Alfheim portal.

COLLECTIBLE: Alfheim Portal (Use Witch Time! – Defeat all the angels before time expires! Enemies can be defeated during Witch Time!)
GUIDE: When you find yourself outside you should notice a turbine. We will need to venture into this turbine to find this one.

COLLECTIBLE: Treasure of the Clans. The Eyes of the World
GUIDE: After the fight against Jeanne we will now need to pass through a room that is full of both water and electricity, not a good combination.

However, the final collectible for this chapter can actually be found here.

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