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Bayonetta has quite a few interesting collectibles and secrets that players can discover. These include the Witches’ Resting Places (Treasure Tombs), Alfheim PortalsAntonio’s Notes, and Golden LPs

Getting and finding all of these will net you with the following trophies and achievements; Treasure Collector, Treasure FanaticThe Path to the HeavensAngel May CryAngel SlayerRecord FanaticRecord Collector, and Truth in its Purest Form

This specific page will be showing the locations to all of these collectibles that can be found during Chapter 15 – A Tower To Truth . This chapter has a total of 5 Resting Places, 3 Antonio Notes, 0 Golden LP, and 1 Alfheim Portal. That is a total of 9 collectibles that can be found during this chapter

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COLLECTIBLE: Resting Place (Treasure Tomb)
GUIDE: At the start of the chapter simply jump over to the next balcony area in order to find this one.

COLLECTIBLE: Alfheim Portal (Witch Time Disabled! – Defeat all the angels before time expires! However, Witch Time has been disabled!)
GUIDE: Make your way up the tower and we will come to a cannon section. After destroying Temperance with the cannon we will then want to make our way back down again.

Backtrack all the way to the Fearless statues, or if you defeated them, then where they were at the start of the chapter.

From there jump to the next balcony (where the treasure tomb was located) and the portal will now be here.

COLLECTIBLE: Island in the Sun – Isla Del Sol
GUIDE: Continue to climb the tower and we will come across this one along the way. It is just before we have to climb the stairs.

COLLECTIBLE: Resting Place (Treasure Tomb)
GUIDE: After running up the elevator shaft and defeating Justice along the way, we will then be in an area with moving platforms and a portal to the Gates of Hell.

This treasure tomb is located in the room with the Gates of Hell portal. It is in the corer of the area. Opposite the portal.

COLLECTIBLE: Resting Place (Treasure Tomb)
GUIDE: From the previous treasure tomb climb up the moving platforms to head back outside again. From there continue on and drop down to the next area.

This treasure tomb is located in this area by the next set of moving platforms.

GUIDE: From the previous collectible simply head up the platforms once again to be back outside. Then this particular notebook will be right in front of you.

COLLECTIBLE: Resting Place (Treasure Tomb)
GUIDE: We can find this one in the area with the large square platforms.

COLLECTIBLE: Resting Place (Treasure Tomb)
GUIDE: This final treasure tomb of the chapter is also located on one of the large square platforms.

GUIDE: This notebook is located on the large square platform, next to the treasure tomb.

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