Saints Row (2022) – Hijacked (Pulled Out By A Pedestrian) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Hijacked is one of the more simpler trophy achievements that players can unlock during Saints Row (2022). It requires us to get pulled out of a car by a pedestrian

You will more than likely automatically unlock this one as you continue playing through the game. In fact you will end up pulling this one off without even trying.

Still it can maybe be a bit of a confusing one to get if you are unsure of what it is you are meant to be doing. Though, it really is not rocket science.

Anyway we will be required to find a vehicle from somewhere, anywhere, it really doesn’t matter where or what type of vehicle as long as we find one.

Once you have successfully found a vehicle that you are comfortable driving around. There are plenty to choose from, no need to get too picky. We will then be able to proceed.

Our next task is to start driving into people, yes, it is a requirement. By driving into people we will start to annoy them. Don’t kill them, don’t literally run them over as then they won’t be feeling much anger at all at that point. In fact they won’t be feeling much of anything. Just bump into them and ”apologize” afterwards.

Hopefully as we continue doing this one of the pedestrians will start to get angry with us, oops. Well that is exactly what we need them to do. Once they are angry they will then try to retaliate.

As part of their retaliation they will attempt to pull us out of the vehicle. So let them do this by practically doing nothing. By doing nothing they will then have a much easier time in pulling us out.

Once we have been pulled out of the vehicle the Hijacked trophy achievement will then pop


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