Saints Row (2022) – Armor Piercing (Quantum Aperture) Trophy Achievement Guide

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One of the many trophy achievements that can be unlocked within Saints Row (2022) is the Armor Piercing. This requires us to kill a tank driver with the Quantum Aperture

In order to do this we will need to start and complete specific criminal ventures. This will allow us to unlock the Quantum Aperture and find the specific tank drivers.

It is a relatively straightforward task as long as you have access to these criminal ventures

In order to unlock this specific trophy achievement we will first need to make sure we have the Quantum Aperture unlocked. We will need this to eliminate the tank driver.

The Quantum Aperture is a weapon that will allow us to shoot through solid matter, in doing so it will also give us a damage boost.

Considering that tanks are quite sturdy vehicles you can see why we might need this kind of weapon. So how do we get it exactly?

Well in order to unlock the Quantum Aperture we will need to begin a specific criminal venture known as Eurekabator.

Eurekabator is a mission that allows us to test out the Quantum Aperture against several live targets, including a transparent barrier.

From there we will then need to find a mission that involves tanks. One such mission is the In Kakts venture mission. This will pit us against several armed police officers, some of which drive tanks. BINGO!


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