Saints Row (2022) – Eurekabator! (Disrupt The Market – Venture Mission) Guide

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Eurekabator! is one of the many available venture missions that can be unlocked and completed within the Saints Row (2022) reboot.

This particular mission involves developing innovative products to disrupt the market. For this one we can earn ourselves $30000, 5000 XP, Eurekabator! Crew Outfits, Hoverboard Trophy, Eurekabator Lab Coat, Prototype RTP 62-8S

Develop innovative new products to disrupt the market with this startup incubator.

Alpha test the latest inventions from Eurekabator’s tech entrepreneurs.

In order to unlock this specific venture we will the Drawing Heat main mission, which is the 18th mission within the game. From there we can then create it for $100,000.

After we have completed this mission we can then begin to unlock the Armor Piercing trophy achievement

LOCATION: Badlands North
REWARDS: $3000, 1500XP
GUIDE: Here we will need to head to the Badlands North in order to prototype the RTP-62-8S. The mission marker will end up taking us to a remote island. Interact with the table here to begin the alpha test.

We will then be tasked with having to hop on to the board (RTP-62-8S). This is basically a hoverboard. The game will instruct us on how to move it around and what to do next. This will mainly involve blowing objects up and riding around.

LOCATION: West Flats
REWARDS: $3000, 1500XP
GUIDE: This time we will need to alpha test the QA 99-5 mode S. Begin by interacting with the table. We will then be given the Quantum Aperture.

Unlike with the previous task, this time we will get to use the Quantum Aperture to aim and eliminate live targets.

Complete all of the required stages to move on.

LOCATION: Rojas Desert South
REWARDS: $3000, 1500XP
GUIDE: For this one we will be required to alpha test the HE 17-5 DI (Thrustbuster). Simply complete the various tasks. We will basically by using an American Football to eliminate any incoming threats.

After you are done testing all of the various equipment we can then return back to Chloe Morris to complete the mission. Job done!


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