Saints Row (2022) – Castle Kraken (The Rod Warrior – Venture Mission) Guide

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Castle Kraken is one of the many available venture missions that can be unlocked and completed within the Saints Row (2022) reboot.

This particular mission involves claiming the Dust Crown. For this one we can earn ourselves $30,000, 5000 XP, Dustlander Crew Outfits, Costume, Dustlander.

Hail, Bossonius! Castle Kraken is the fortitude seat of your new noble house. Your quest to fulfil the prophecy and claim the Dust Crown begins here.

For this one we will be instructed to light the beacons of House Phoenix and House Dust Storm to draw out their armies and crush them.

In order to unlock this venture we will first need to complete The Dustmoot main mission, which is the 16th mission within the game. Then we can create the venture mission.

By lighting the beacons we will then also be able to unlock The Rod Warrior mission.


LOCATION: Badlands South
REWARDS: $3000, 1500 XP
GUIDE: Head to the Badlands South and towards the rail tracks. Follow these tracks to a giant pillar that resembles a bird, the Phoenix. Interact with it in order to burn it. It is one of the required beacons.

LOCATION: Badlands South
REWARDS: $3000, 1500XP
GUIDE: Remaining in the Badlands South. Head in the opposite direction and to a barn house. This particular structure will have a blue flag next to it.


REWARDS: $1500, 3000XP
GUIDE: After we have managed to complete the Dustlander Beacons we will then be able to activate The Rod Warrior mission. Eli will now contact us. From there we will then have a new mission marker to follow, which should be on the map.

Here we will meet up with both Eli and Neenah before then needing to travel to the Bowelrod’s lair. Which, again, will be marked on your map.

Once you arrive be sure to speak with the Keeper, Karen. Follow her and take the keys to the Bowelrod. We will now be tasked with heading to Fort Phoenix.

At Fort Phoenix we will need to use stealth as we head inside. Our objective will then include;

Stealth kill thine enemies

Searcheth for a Bowelrod part

Grabbeth the part

Journey to the warehouse.

Storm the warehouse

Journey to the peak of Fort Phoenix

All these mission objectives should be easy enough to follow as long as you keep an eye on the mission marker.

The mission will end after we have successfully managed to protect Neenifer.


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