Saints Row (2022) – Where To Create Criminal Ventures (Empire Tier) Guide

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One of the key features within Saints Row (2022) is the Empire Tier and criminal ventures. These are basically optional missions that can reward us with both cash and experience.

In order to increase our Empire Tier we will need to assign these criminal ventures and complete the missions. Each mission has its own set of objectives and rewards.

As well as cash and experience we can also earn additional crew outfits and other various outfits from having successfully completed the mission.

In order to begin these missions we must first assign criminal ventures, this can be done by heading to our hideout and interacting with the table, otherwise known as the Empire Table. This specific table is similar to a war table as we can plan out our next destinations and tasks.

One such table can be found at the Old Town Shoreline and heading into the church. The table here is located upstairs. Simply interact with it to begin!

This table will then have many circle symbols on it. This represents empty areas that we can assign these ventures to.

There are many ventures to complete within the game, some of which will remain locked until you have completed the required objectives such as completing other ventures and continuing through the story.


JimRob’s Garage

Bright Future


Shady Oaks

Castle Kraken



Wuzyerz Repo

Cutting Edge

The Big One

First Strike Dojo

Planet Saints


Let’s Pretend



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