Saints Row (2022) – Laundromat (Clean Up Crew – Venture Mission) Guide

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Laundromat is one of the many available venture missions that can be unlocked and completed within the Saints Row (2022) reboot.

This particular mission involves disposing of incriminating evidence. For this one we can earn ourselves $30000, 5000XP, Laundromat Crew Outfits, Interstellar Phone Booth, Laundromat Van

For regular folks, it’s just a place to get their clothes clean. For criminals, it’s a top-notch crime scene clean-up service.

Help your crew dispose of incriminating evidence before the police close in.

In order to unlock this one we will be tasked with having to complete the main mission, Drawing Heat. From there we can then create the mission for $100,000.


LOCATION: Monte Vista
REWARDS: $8000, 2000 XP
GUIDE: Head to a house in Monte Vista, it is where we can also find the marble collectible too. Head inside to begin.

Our goal is to mingle with the crowd. After a short while we will get a call from Winston. Our next objective is to then head to Old Town. We will only have 2 minutes in which to do this.

We will then need to drive to the quarry and get rid of the vehicle and evidence. There is a nearby construction vehicle if you wish to use that.


LOCATION: Lakeshore North
REWARDS: $8000, 2000 XP
GUIDE: Head to Lakeshore North, to the Farmer’s Market. We will then get a call from Winston. We will then need to go and find the next vehicle.

This one is hiding in Marina West. Behind a clothing store. Grab the vehicle and take it to the monster truck to be destroyed.


LOCATION: Marina East
REWARDS: $8000, 2000 XP
GUIDE: This mission section starts in Marina East, head to the Wile E. Smilie building and enjoy the birthday bash!

After a while Winston will, again, call you and tell you where to go next. It is now time to head off to Lakeshore North.

The vehicle will be in a parking lot hiding behind the various containers. Drive it into the water to complete this one.


LOCATION: East Flats
REWARDS: $8000, 2000 XP
GUIDE: Collect the mission from East Flats and then head to El Dorado to pick up the vehicle.

We now have to abandon the vehicle on the rail tracks.


LOCATION: Smelterville West
REWARDS: $8000, 2000 XP
GUIDE: Head to the art gallery over in Smelterville West to begin this one. Winston will then call you and we can then start looking for the next vehicle.

The vehicle is located in East Providencia. It will be at a construction yard.


LOCATION: Smelterville West
REWARDS: $8000, 2000 XP
GUIDE: This mission begins in Smelterville West at Frank’s 80/20. The vehicle we want to find is at West Providencia. It is up a dirt track.

Once you have successfully managed to find and destroy all of the vehicles we can then report to Winston and complete the mission.


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