Close To The Sun: Chapter 8 – The Flowers Of Persephone (Questionable Ideas) All Collectibles Trophy Achievement Guide

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There are many collectibles to find and collect within the Close to the Sun game. Some of which are really well hidden and can take quite a while to find.

Getting all of the collectibles during Chapter 8 unlike the Prologue will actually net you a trophy / achievement known as Questionable Ideas. Below is a quick and simple guide on where to find each one!


1) Development Sketch #1 (Lung Augmentation) : When you first awaken you will find yourself in a bed within a Hospital ward, now continue on-wards and in the second Hospital ward head for the sink basins in order to find this one, it is sitting next to the sinks. 

2) Development Sketch #2 (Fertiliser) : As you continue on-ward you should come to two large blue scientific tubes, which often gets used to experiment on people. Here you will also come across a ghost figure of what seems to be Rose and Ada. Now in this area, hiding on the floor just as the ghostly figures appear will be the next collectible. 

3) Development Sketch #3 (Mechanical implants) : As you continue you will eventually reach a Greenhouse, there are actually two collectibles in here. The first one is hiding amongst the Plant Pots on the ground floor to the left of the doors you come in from. 

4) Development Sketch #4 (Brain Waves) : As already mentioned there is another collectible within the Greenhouse, this one is on the second floor. If you head up the only accessible set of stairs. You should see a bridge and here you should also notice the machine which is necessary to unlock the door and proceed on-ward. The collectible lies on top of the boxes here. (Left side of the machine)

5) Development Sketch #5 (Cattle) : Eventually you will once again encounter the blue smoke substance, as Rose begins to talk about a Rail Station the path should briefly fork to the left. The collectible is here, sitting behind the boxes. 

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