Close To The Sun: Chapter 9 – The Path Of Ares (Ambitious Plans) All Collectibles Trophy Achievement Guide

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There are many collectibles to find and collect within the Close to the Sun game. Some of which are really well hidden and can take quite a while to find.

Getting all of the collectibles during Chapter 9 unlike the Prologue will actually net you a trophy / achievement known as Ambitious Plans. Below is a quick and simple guide on where to find each one!


1) Tesla Generator Blueprint :  Shortly after you gain control of the character, continue as you normally would until eventually you will come across a tunnel type area. This will be directly after the small fountain and ghostly figures. Keep going until you come across an open door and some more ghostly figures by this said door. Once you arrive here, turn left and head around and up until you cannot go any further, the collectible lies at the end sitting on top of the boxes here.

2) Tesla Tower Blueprint #1 : Soon you will encounter a door that will get locked as you try to gain access to it, however there will be a smashed window and an area you can climb through next to this, in order to gain access to this said door once again. After finally gaining entry to this once locked door you should see another door and a dead body too. The collectible sits in the next room to the left past the stairs.

3) Tesla Tower Blueprint #2 : Eventually you will find yourself needing to climb down a ladder as once again Aubrey has blocked your access. Climbing down this ladder, the next collectible will be in this room near the Plant.

4) Tesla Tower Blueprint #3 : From the last collectible you will now be entering the area with the blue smoke once again. This next one should be very visible and the icon to pick it up should appear the moment you walk through the doors. If not, then there should be a small table to your left and the collectible is sitting on here. 

5) Tesla Tower Station Blueprint #1 : Now you will get chased by one of the foes you should be all too familiar with now. Once the chase ends, you should now be in a room with a Mail Tube and the next collectible now sits amongst the mail. 

6) Tesla Tower Station Blueprint #2 : From the last collectible, open the door and the final collectible will be sitting on the table to the left. 

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