Disciples Liberation – InRoads (Side Quest) Guide

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One of the many side quests that can be found and completed within Disciples Liberation is InRoads. This involves elves and medical cargo.

Below is a simple guide on how to complete this one…

  • QUEST: InRoads
  • QUEST TYPE: Side Quest
  • LOCATION: The Plains of Widows – The Barony
  • QUEST GIVER: Baron Galtier
  • PREVIOUS MISSION: Talk To Orion Inside Yllian’s Castle
  • GUIDE:
  • If you head slightly south from Equisheim you will come across a small settlement
  • Speak to Baron Galtier (the man on the left) to hear his story.
  • Baron Galtier will mention that caravans have been attacked by elves. He will also mention that the caravans are only carrying medical supplies
  • Lets go and find these elves


  • Head east towards Tyranial Forest in order to encounter the elves. More specifically Ty’wan the Hookbacked
  • Here select the You’re thieves, not murderers option to reveal that if they intended to kill then they would of hit the drivers of the caravans, however, they did not.
  • We will also learn that Baron Galtier lied to us, the containers did not carry medical supplies. Instead they carried dragon eggs.
  • Here you can pick any option you want. However, I think our true thief and culprit here is Baron Galtier. So go with the option I’ll kill him


  • Return to the baron and you will be forced to fight him and his men. (level 3 – ArchMage, Paladin, Priestess, and Soldiers)
  • After the fight you will be rewarded with Empire Reputation -10, Gold 625, 120xp
  • You can then select whichever option you desire. However, choosing the Join me in Yllian! will result in new Soldier Unit. You will also be rewarded with the Faint Shard of Vengeance


TAKING THE EGG (Not included in the above video)

  • If you choose to take the dragon’s egg, you will then be forced to fight Ty’wan the Hookbacked and a bunch of level 3 Scouts, Warriors and a Spell Caster.
  • For winning the fight you will be rewarded with 625 Gold, Elven Alliance -10, Headband (+1 Intelligence, 1% Divine Resistance)
  • Reporting back to Baron Galtier will result in a fight against him and his men. We will get a new Soldier Unit as a reward and 625 Gold
  • If you let the people have the Barony then you will be rewarded with Staff of Wooden Resolve (+3 Intelligence, +13 Power), Faint Shard of Vengeance, Blinding Darkness Spell (inflicts Blind on enemies)


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